Monday, May 16, 2011

Production Photos!

So the show is going very well. I am really enjoying it & the cast, although I will be glad when it's over. I am ready for some time at HOME & with HUBBY! I miss both, very much!

This past weekend was our 2nd weekend of the show. We had 5 shows between Thursday & Sunday. Whew! I was TIRED! Everything went very well, though.

On Friday i was bored towards the end of the show (NOT because the show is boring...but because at this point I'd seen it about 100 times!) & so i had the idea to see what my camera can do in a dark theatre with no flash & a long lens. I was VERY HAPPY with what it can do!!

Now, i can't put these on FB yet, i feel like i should run it by the director first. But there are very few people at the theatre who know i have a blog & who keep up with it. So i figured i'd share a few here... 

Now I know these are CRAZY pics, but it's a CRAZY show. Haha. :)

And i know these pics can be even better. I'm an amateur & have had very little time to figure out my camera! But it was still fun to see what my camera can do already even with my ignorance! Btw, if you see black blurs at the bottom of any pics, that would be the top of the sound booth... i was sitting on a stool & stayed seated so the audience wouldn't see me snapping photos...ha! I think i could get some GREAT shots moving around & standing up! :)

 one of the funniest parts of the whole show!

 I like how this one turned out.

 I know...very crooked! Haha. Love the expressions i got, though!

 I like this one too.

& curtain call...which i had trouble editing, but it's a fun pic anyway...that is a standing ovation, btw. Well deserved!

So i'm pretty excited about these & kind of hoping for an opportunity to really do this. Maybe production photos for another show! We'll see. I know they're not perfect & i think i would need a tripod or something because as you can see i have some crooked pics... the better ones i was focusing on keeping that camera as still as possible!

I was all the way in the back, in the sound booth, by the way. 

It was a lot of fun. I wish i could have done it for Act One, too! And maybe i will once i clear it with the director. These were taken Friday night & at the Saturday matinee, i think.

Love this show! It's hysterical!


  1. How neat! I'm so glad things are going well!

  2. I love the pics... they came out so good!! Psss.. I'm on my desktop at home for a change so I can leave you a comment! YAY!!

    Have a great Tuesday,

  3. These turned out really great for the lighting conditions and your first try at it!!! Way to go!


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