Saturday, May 28, 2011

Team Kellie!

 My good friend Laura has been posting a lot about a girl named Kellie. She was in a bad car accident in April & since then, has made lots of progress regaining her strength. You can read Kellie's story here.

Thankfully the car accident & her injuries are not the whole story. God has an amazing plan for Kellie & it is evident as she gets stronger & stronger every single day.

Kellie made the news. I just watched the video & it made me cry. And it made me want to do something. Please please watch. But you may want to grab some kleenex first. :)

I think it is so awesome that Kellie has so many great friends & family members trying to help her to get better. And her fiance - what a keeper! I love Kellie's strength & determination. 

I am definitely going to be sending this girl something. You can too. Just send her a card to let her know you are praying for her! Or send a donation. Every little bit counts!

Please visit TEAM KELLIE to make a donation, send a card or check on her progress.

Praying for you, Kellie!!


  1. Yeah!! Keep telling Kellie's story people!

  2. WOW...powerful video...life is so fragile. It is amazing the progress she is making. THanks for sharing!


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