Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's on my mind?

Well, today is a bullet point kind of day. Those are always fun, right?!

(Well, i think they are.)

Here we go!

-We are going to the beach in exactly one month!!! I am so excited! Now, i know...last year i said we could never go again because we are saving money. Well, my parents didn't like that answer so they are helping out quite a bit. They refuse to take no for an answer because they just want us there so much! So Brad & I both will be in Navarre Beach, Florida from June 10 - June 16. WAHOO! I.cannot.WAIT! I really can't believe it either, because i was convinced that last year was our last vacation for a very long time...

-Did i tell you i fell last week? Oh, it was quite awful. I would take a pic of the bruises to show you, but trust me - you'd probably rather i didn't! It wouldn't be pretty! I was taking Fievel out late one night & as we came back inside...well, i'm not sure what i did, exactly. I may have stepped on one flip flop with the other...or i may have tripped over Fievel (though i don't think so)...who knows? But suddenly, i was on the floor & my leg was still out the door. And guess what? Since my hand was on the door knob to pull it shut behind me, i slammed it on my leg when i fell. So there is a long bruise on the front of my leg, where it hit the floor, and a huge round dark purple/black bruise on the back of my leg, where the door was slammed on it! The back looks worse...but the front hurts worse! It literally hurts when i stand on it! OW!

-I cooked these delicious egg muffin thingies & they were AMAZING! i forgot to take pics...but trust me, i will be making them again!! For now, check out the link because you will want to make them, i promise!

-I also made some yummy turkey burgers from my "eat this not that" cookbook. Will post the recipe soon! YUM!

-I've been doing Sugar Busters & it seems i am FINALLY losing weight. I went to the doctor in March since NOTHING was working. (Thyroid test came back normal, but it looks like i will be tested for insulin resistance soon.) At the time, he suggested Sugar Busters or Atkins. He felt like the way i was eating was already healthy & that my body needed "tricking". Atkins is just not going to happen... sorry! But Sugar Busters was just like how i want to eat anyway. I can have bread, but it must be whole wheat. It basically cuts out white flour & white sugar & white rice & white potatoes. I am still doing my Weight Watchers, but i'm using the Sugar Busters guidelines for how i eat. The reason i tried Sugar Busters is because at that appointment, i had just started WW. Well, I know this is a little unusual, but i lost 0 pounds in the first 5 weeks on WW. I needed to try what he suggested so that if it didn't work, at least i could say i tried it when i went back for my checkup in 6 weeks! Well, in that one week on Sugar Bustesr, i lost 3 pounds! FINALLY! So apparently my body just doesn't like white flour or sugar. SIGH. Fine with me. Whatever it takes!! I hope this weight loss continues, though!! :) (I blog about all of this on my weightloss blog but sometimes i catch everyone up here, too.)

-It Runs in the Family went really well opening weekend. The show is hysterical, which is always a good thing! If I'm not laughing at the dialogue or facial expressions, I'm laughing at the audience laughing at the dialogue & facial expressions! HA! It's hilarious. Everyone is loving it. Tomorrow the review comes out. Hopefully it's a good one! I can't imagine it not being good, but I've been surprised before...

-The only slight meltdown I had during this show was on Sunday. Of course, this is the first time all weekend that the directors or technical directors wouldn't be there...just little ol' me. I got there & was figuring out how to work the microphone in the sound booth (where i am stationed) so that I could do the "please turn off your cell phone" speech from the sound booth. At some point, i realized the cd player, which is needed to play the pre-show, intermission & curtain call music, was OFF...even though i had turned everything on & it came on when it was supposed to. I fiddled with the cord where it was plugged into the outlet to make sure it was in good enough & this LOUD THUNDEROUS NOISE happened. YIKES! I was like "Oh FABULOUS!" You should know that running sound always scares me a little bit anyway because it's an old building & things have gone wrong before! I'm frantically texting the director for help, and calling the sound guy who is not answering, and finally got the ATD (asst tech director), Emily, who came to my rescue. WHEW! Meanwhile, after turning off the soundboard to give it a rest, the ENTIRE BOARD came on & off over & over again!! SCARY! We are supposed to open the doors at 1:30 for the 2:00 matinee.... it was fixed JUST IN TIME & the house was open at 1:32! THANK GOD FOR EMILY, that's all i gotta say! (She basically re-plugged everything since there was apparently a short in that outlet... we had no problems after that.) Gotta love live theatre!

-So now that the show is open, i have Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays FREE! After my regular job, i mean. :) I'm SO glad! This also means that instead of racing to the theatre after bootcamp, i can go straight home. Ahhhh, nice. Two more weekends of shows...Thursday-Saturday evenings & Sunday matinees (we'll have a matinee this Saturday too). If you're in town, come see it!!!!

-Auditions for HAIRSPRAY at BRLT are currently underway... It's mixed feelings that i'm not involved with the show. The same three (director, music director & choreographer) that did my very first show (Beauty & the Beast, 2006) are doing this one. My friend Susan is stage managing. They had a HUGE turnout for auditions & i am just giddy with excitement waiting to see the cast list. It'll be my first summer not doing a show in 5 years. Wow! It'll be fun to have the summer off... doing It Runs in the Family wore me out & that is NOTHING compared to the time commitment to a summer musical! It'll be good, though & i can't wait to see who is cast! :)

Well, that's all i've got for today!! Must get back to work! I'm actually caught up on a lot of stuff & my stress level is WAYYYY less than it was last week! WHEW! :)

Have a great rest-of-the-week!


  1. Congrats on the vacation and weight loss, thats so awesome!! And I love the fact that your dog(?) is named Fievel!! I found that when I cut white flour, sugar, rice, potatoes is when I see results too! Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday friend!! :)

  2. Congrats on the weight lost! I haven't heard of sugar busters before but I'm so happy for you! It actually sounds like something I wouldn't mind trying in addition to my WW. I am against Adkins too, but I suppose if it was for the purpose of tricking your body to help it along it wouldn't be so bad. That's great that you can finally go home after work and the gym! What a great start to a relaxing evening.. just going home! :)

  3. Good luck with the WW. I'm going to follow your other blog too. I'm on week 6 of WW. It was much easier in the beginning, now I'm craving chips and chocolate like crazy!


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