Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 3rd Annual PVP Shindig!

WOW. Blogger was a huge pain last night. I couldn't upload pics. Actually, it let me upload them but then it wouldn't let me post them here! I gave up. Today, I'm at work. It saved my uploads but it took me FOREVER to click on them to add to my post! SO. To avoid spending HOURS on this, i let it just post the pics in whatever order they were in already. Ha!


Sunday was a GREAT day. Fantastic! We had so much good food & lots of quality time with family.

Every year we have what we call the PVP Shindig. Actually, until this year it's been called the "Perry-Venable Shindig". It started in 2009. We decided it'd be much easier to get the two families together (my family & my husband's) to celebrate my husband's birthday, my sister's birthday & father's day (for my dad & my father-in-law) all at one time. Michelle & Brad are exactly one day apart & Father's Day is usually the Sunday before or after their birthdays. Our families have known each other for about 33 years (same age as me...because I was an infant when our parents met), and we don't always get to hang out with both families at once. This is a sure way to all hang out together at least once a year! The title "Perry Venable Shindig" was actually the subject of my email to them organizing the event 3 years ago & it kinda stuck.

Only now, we're adding my sister's fiance & his family to the mix & calling it the PVP Shindig. :)

We had a great time Sunday. Brad's parents had never met Mike's parents, but they all got along very well. We had a fun time & I can't wait to do this again next year! My sister's fiance's nephew, Jack, came too & turns out his birthday is in early July, so my mama even got him a little something. She got him some cars from the movie "Cars 2" & he did NOT let go of them. Well, until the end when we lost the yellow one & spent about 30 minutes looking for it! Ha. But at least she knew he loved them! :)

My sis being silly with Jack.
Me & my husband...celebrating his 36th! (36...dang.) He got money from my parents & his parents...which is all he wanted. He got gift cards to two different restaurants also!! I think this is kind of a gift for me too. Date night! :) (One is to Cracker Barrel, the other to Outback Steakhouse. Woohoo!)
Michelle & her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Jennifer. I like her, a lot.
This pic cracks me up... I went to take a pic & mom was talking & talking & talking... she got into a pose for the pic, but kept talking hahaha. Mrs. Cheryl was like, "uh, donna, you are gonna have to stop talking so you can smile for the picture!" This is mom with a big cheesy grin as her retort! Ha!

That's better! :) Love these ladies!

Dogs were invited too, of course! Mom's Molly (yes...she has one eye!) & Michelle's Bali in the corner.

Happy Father's Day to the best father-in-law & dad around!! :) (Dad so looks like he's up to something!)

I know, i know...evil of me to post such a picture! This was my contribution to the party... fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream & homemade pound cake. DELISH!

My sweet Fievel... he loves that tile floor!

Jack & his grammy! So cute.

Michelle with her future in-laws...so cute! Love this pic. Even Bali had to join in...haha. Glad everyone was able to come to celebrate her (36th!) birthday!
Michelle & her future husband, Mike

A great time was had by all. Can't wait till next year! :)


  1. I love that your families all get together and have a good time. I find that mixed family parties can often be awkward.

  2. Looks like you all had a great, fun time! What a cool idea getting both sides of the family together all at once. I'm trying something similar in late July. We'll see how that works out. :)

  3. Oh, this is a great idea to get everyone together from each side!!!! so glad y'all had fun and enjoyed the time together!


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