Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last Day in Navarre Beach

I cannot believe today was our last day in Florida. I'm glad we spent it swimming & reading in the sand. Ahhhh. I am really sad it's time to go already! In some ways i'm ready to be home. But in other ways, i want to stay!! We had a great day today. Spent the morning in beach chairs just reading (all four of us). Then we went to the pool & swam for a long time. Had so much fun! Then me & brad went back to the beach & got in the water. Too much seaweed for me! But it was still beautiful & the water felt nice!

 Toes in the sand!

Finally came back to our room & rested. I got out my long lens & took lots of pics from the balcony. 


 That just looks like so much fun!

Tonight we decided to eat at Beach Monkey Bar & Grill. I read reviews online first & they had a few good reviews & lots of bad ones. But i have no idea why. The service was great, the food was EXCELLENT, the atmosphere was fun, etc. I really really liked it & am glad we went. :)
 Dinner tonight at the Beach Monkey! It was SO GOOD, ya'll!

 So...he's kind of ugly, that beach monkey!

 Mom & Dad

Brad & I walked back to the condo after dinner, since mom & dad had to run to the store. It was a nice evening. So windy, too. Love it!

 It's been a great trip! We leave tomorrow morning around 9 or 10 am. I'm excited to go home in some ways, but i'm really going to miss having tile floors & a huge jacuzzi tub. Not to mention THE BEACH! :) 


  1. The water is SO BLUE! in the pic with the sailboat.

  2. So jealous! Love your pictures and those zoom lens pictures were awesome. I have one of those. Maybe I should take it with me on my cruise and see what kind of shots I can get. So glad to hear you guys are having an amazing week. Sorry that you have to come home soon! I'm a lot like you, I get to where I want to come home but don't. lol I do love the routine and daily life of being home but work... not so much. :) And I'd rather be on the beach any day!


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