Friday, June 3, 2011

mama knows best & my first kiss

YAY! So glad it is Friday already. :)

- Weekend Plans -

Tonight: Chill, veg, relax, etc. 
Tomorrow: Haircut, errands, Beaux Arts Ball!
Sunday: Church, relaxation, Girl's Night!

I am really sad because Something Borrowed is no longer playing. That's what we were going to go see for Girl's Night. I even re-read the book before seeing it again! But it's gone. SO sad. We will see Bridesmaids instead, which i hear is great. :)

ANYWAY. Time to fill in some blanks.

1. I love weddings because it's fun to share in someone's big day - to watch them have their moment committing to each other - & to remember how you felt on that day. Having a hot date, family or friends, good food, dancing & CAKE? Well, all that makes it even MORE wonderful!

2. A time when mama knew best was when she told me i was being too hasty when i said Brad wasn't "the one".... I was so mad at her then, but she was so right! :)

3. My first kiss went a little like this: It was Mother's Day. We were at my house (when i still lived with mom & dad - this is when we dated the first time in 97) & it was time for him to go home. I think we had been hinting around that it was time for us to KISS ALREADY because we had been dating since December!! The only reason we hadn't before is because i was terrified to do it. I know...I'm ridiculous! We stood in the living room face-to-face, but it took me FOREVER to actually look up at him so he could kiss me! But i finally did. :) First real kiss happened at 19 years old! And ahem, turns out i liked it very much! Haha! He started to leave a few minutes later but i stayed inside because it was raining & i had socks on. And then i realized... "It's RAINING!" See, I had seen The Mirror Has Two Faces & ever since just knew i HAD to have my first kiss in the rain. So i yelled at Brad to wait & ran to his car in the pouring rain. He must have thought I was nuts. But there, we kissed in the rain & yes! It was as wonderful as the movie portrayed. So my second kiss was in the rain. :)

4. My celebrity crush is ...hmm...well, I'm going to go with Ryan Reynolds. & Matt Damon. I also love me some Harry Connick Jr. None of these are really crushes, though. More like..."famous guys i think are hot".

5. My favorite splurge of choice is on books & pedicures. :)

6. My biggest accomplishment is my marriage... although i feel weird putting that because i don't feel like i've done anything to make it so fantastic. I mean... we just go together & it works... & sure we disagree, like anyone would with anyone they live with, but it's mostly a whole lot of fun & LOVE. I also consider my performance as Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown the Musical one of my biggest accomplishments in life. I had to step way out of my comfort zone for that one, but i did it & i learned a LOT. Wish we could do it again!

7. My dance jam of choice is, ummmmm, well? I'll know it if it comes on the radio. I don't have a song, per se, i just start jamming if the beat is right!

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm the same way with music...if it has a good beat then I'm good.

    First kiss: Only one that's important is first kiss with my hubby. And it was oh so sweet.

  2. I love going to weddings! I love watching as two people commit to each other. Such a special moment! I agree, first kiss with Dylan was the most important. He was my second first kiss though! :)

  3. hahaha... I love your kiss story ha!

  4. Your kiss story is sweet! I love that you realised it was raining and ran outside to have a kiss in the rain!
    I wouldn't change my life for anything, but sometimes I do miss those early in love days!


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