Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More from Navarre Beach!

So, we're having a great time on vacation. Really enjoying the beach & RELAXATION! Even Fievel is not sick anymore & is being SO SWEET! As i write this, he is curled up next to me sound asleep. :) 

We went for a walk Saturday morning & i took these pictures...

Where we are staying

Such a cute little beach house!

Sunday was pretty much just lounging on the beach & such. We did go swimming for awhile in the pool too. Or maybe that was Saturday. Man, i'm getting my days all mixed up!

On Monday I cooked dinner. This was my first time cooking catfish. It was so good! We also watched the movie RED, which was...funny...& kind of ridiculous. Haha. It was a good time, though!
 Dinner cooked by Moi!

Monday (yesterday) evening, we went to eat at The Back Porch. It's in Destin & we ate there last year too. SUCH GOOD FOOD. I love it! We sat on the, ahem, back porch, and it was nice. But at one point it started POURING RAIN! It was kind of chaotic. Food getting wet, people jumping up, kids running away from the rain, & waiters hurrying to bring down the plastic screen thingies to keep us from getting wet. Haha. Thankfully we were over enough to where our food didn't get wet! Anyway... the food was delicious as usual. YUM!

At least we didn't have a repeat of last year! :)

 Mom & Dad outside of The Back Porch.

 Me & my love in our Old Navy tees. :)

Me & Brad sharing a mango daiquiri. So yummy!

This morning we went to Another Broken Egg Cafe for breakfast. YUM! I love that place. It closed recently in Baton Rouge & we were so bummed! So we HAD to go there sometime this week! It was delish. After we ran into Beals Outlet & now we're back at the condo. Going to the beach soon!!!

It's been a lovely time but kind feels like it's almost over! SAD! I wanna stay!

What i will miss most?
the beach of course
the balcony overlooking the beach. so relaxing.
AND THE BATHTUB! Ohmygosh, that jacuzzi tub is pure heaven.

Favorite comment of the week? I just made it my facebook status. This was not said because we are on vacation & it was not something in response to something i said. This was just a random comment. And it's true. Because we're always laughing & goofing off, more often than not.

"If I had to describe our marriage in one word? FUN." -Brad Venable

That made me smile. :)

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Your beach house is so cute! I'm so glad you're having a good time! Fun describes my marriage perfectly. We just have the best time!

  2. So fun. I think I may request to move there. :) haha

  3. Love the beach house - and yep, you are right - best comment ever! :D

  4. Aw, jealous of your beach vacation! How fun!


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