Monday, June 6, 2011

My 6th Beaux Arts Ball!

I had such an amazing time this weekend! The whole thing, start to finish, was perfect! Sometimes I have fun things on the calendar & think, "it's gonna be an awesome weekend!" but it just doesn't meet my expectations at all. Other times, it's just how i expected it to be... But THIS weekend was...well...MAGICAL! Not that anything out of the ordinary happened. But it was just nothing but good moods, fun parties, good food & good friends! Love it!

The main reason it was so wonderful was because it was our annual Beaux Arts Ball at Baton Rouge Little Theater. And I'm pretty sure this was the best one yet!

{New Haircut! & no highlights for the first time in 15 years...gonna grow out the brown & see how it looks!}

It's put on annually by the BRLT board & it's to honor the volunteers from the past season. We have such a great time every year. I realized this is my 6th Beaux Arts Ball & Brad's 4th. Crazy! 

 {Ready to go to the ball!}

So...time for a zillion pics!

 {Eryn, Rachel & Mary}

 {Michele & Elizabeth}

 {Jennifer ringing the bell for us to go in the theatre, already! Haha!}

{I love this pic of Natalie & Rachel}

 {me & my hot date! what are the chances that our kids will have his eyes?! :)}

 {Rachel & Natalie again! I met them both in our very first show, Beauty & the Beast! Love them!}

{Me with Susan, stage manager extraordinaire!}

 {Us with our friend Davis!}

 {The cake! So pretty! I honestly forgot about it & didn't have a piece....crazy!}

 {I love Beth}

{Me & Albert, who won Best Actor in a Comedy or Drama, for his role in It Runs in the Family. :)}

 {My friend Bill & his son, Max...Max is HUGE! He was shorter than his dad during Sound of Music, just a year ago. Haha!}

 Ya'll. One of my theatre besties won Best Actress in a Play for her role as Miss Witherspoon. OMG! I was SO hoping she would win. My fingers were crossed & i was like "oh please oh please oh please!". I liked the other nominees too, they did a good job, but Charlynn's role was SO TOUGH to do & she did it SO WELL!! I was so proud of her. She was sitting on the other side of her husband (him next to me) & i was just like "OMG...PLEASE!" HAHA. She was SHOCKED & Ecstatic & she gave the cutest funniest speech ever! I love her!


 {Eryn & Charlynn - so cute!}

 {Evan...he's such a cutie! Kinda wish he was my little brother.}

 {Aw, it's us again!}

 {I love this picture. I have no idea why. It makes me happy.}

{Zac with his award for his first show at BRLT! He won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play for his role in It Runs in the Family.}

Every year there is a fun show...it always includes (a) a parody about the last season's shows, (b) songs from last season shows, (c) AWARDS! (you saw some of the winners above!) & (d) a preview of the upcoming summer musical (Hairspray!). The show this year was fantastic!! HILARIOUS! & fun. :)

 The Rent cast sang "Seasons of Love". SO GOOD. CHILLS!*

 The parody of last season will be hard to beat next year! SO FUNNY!*

 2 of my favorite girls! Lauren & Shelley (sisters)! This is when Lauren won Best Actress in a Musical for playing Adelaide in Guys & Dolls. Her sister Shelley happened to be backstage & ran on stage & gave her a hug. They were so funny for awhile & then Lauren said, "Okay, you can go now!" Hahaha! It was great. The audience cracked up. (Probably had to be there, but i wish you had been there!) (Oh, & Shelley won for her portrayal of Maureen in Rent.) They both HAD to win!! They were FANTASTIC!*

 Emily (asst tech director) presented the Outstanding Backstage Volunteer award to Chelsea! I was so happy for Chelsea! That girl works hard backstage & always has a smile & a great attitude! Love her!

 Michael & Bess doing a parody from one of their songs in Pirates of Penzance.

 A sneak peek of the summer musical, Hairspray... My friend Marion as Tracy Turnblad! Singing Good Morning Baltimore with the rest of the cast. They sounded amazing!!

 So, this is what she really looks like. :)

 Us with Tim & Marion! So glad they are here for the summer (they're in college 3 hours away). He is playing Corny Collins in Hairspray, by the way. Love them both a LOT!!

Afterwards there was just mingling, dancing, laughing, etc!! We had a great time.
*pics by me except for the on-stage ones. Those are by my friends Mary & Stephanie.

{Can't wait till next year!}


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful night.

  2. OMG so much fun, and might I say everyone looks smashing and you are gorgeous.


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