Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vacation! Wahoo!!

 Well, here we are... on vacation. I love vacation.

I love Florida. I love the beach. I love the uninterrupted time with brad & my parents. I love not having to go to work for a whole week. It's just fantastic. 

I also love Florida's weather. It's hot, yes, but the wind is constantly blowing & i do not feel ANY humidity as compared to Louisiana. Maybe that's just because we're right by the ocean? Or maybe it's just this weekend? I have no idea. But it's nice.

We left  yesterday morning around 9:30 & got to Navarre Beach, Florida at 3. Which is perfect, since we couldn't check in until 3 anyway. The roadtrip was fun...we were being silly most of the time. :)

 Isn't he cute?! He was so good on the way there!

Giving me kisses! Haha.

Brad had just given him a fry. I thought this was a funny pic!!

The condo where we are staying is nice. It's been kinda crazy, though. We were told there was free internet access but there's NOT. Ugh! Who doesn't have free wifi these days?! But they pretty much LIED about it. Ridiculous. We had to pay for a week of it. It's not expensive, but it's also not consistent. I am the only one online right now. If anyone else gets on their laptop, it will knock me off the internet. Also, i can't get on Facebook. I'm thinking a week off of FB isn't a bad thing, though. :)

 the pool!

 the beach! some seaweed, but it's looking better today!

 living room of the condo where we are staying

Also, Fievel ate something he shouldn't have yesterday & he kept us up ALL night last night. We went to bed around 8, because we were SO tired. At midnight (on the dot), he woke us up begging to go out. Brad & I both took him out. He pottied (diarrhea...yuck!). He woke us up on & off for awhile after that, but not scratching the door to go out...just being restless. We fussed at him to lay down & went back to sleep each time. At 3:40, he scratched the door again - his signal to let us know he's gotta go. 3:40 AM. Ugh! Brad started to take him out again & noticed he went all over the floor! OMG! it was SO GROSS! And we couldn't really fuss at him - his stomach is so upset. Brad took him out anyway & he went again outside. Oh & we're on the 14th floor, by the way!!!! Ahhhh! 

So yeah. We didn't get much sleep last night! But today is going very well. Yummy breakfast, reading on the balcony (all four of us - plus the dogs!) & just hanging out. Being kind of lazy. Don't know when we'll actually get to the beach! Ha!

We went to Publix yesterday (I SO wish we had these in Baton Rouge) & loaded up on tons of fruits & veggies & other healthy foods. We got a couple of sweets but most of what we got is healthy stuff. Yay!

Well, time for me to go. I've been online for way too long!

 Fievel says "hi!"

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. SO fun! I LOVE Florida and can't wait till we go next summer (we're celebrating Drew graduating with a family trip to Gulf Shores).

  2. Have fun on vacation! You deserve it! I hope Fievel starts to feel better.

  3. Have a wonderful time on vacation! Hope Fievel gets to feeling better...no fun being sick on vacation!

  4. Ahh so jealous! Hope you have an amazing vacation! It looks beautiful. The water, the pools, having your pup with you.. Perfect! Enjoy!!


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