Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Lovin!

Thought I'd join in the fun. Because I'm lovin' lots this week. :) 

Gotta say him first this time...it is his birthday, after all. Ya'll. He's 36. I'm kind of like, WOAH. He is now closer to 40 than 30 & that is truly a scary thought! Before you know it, I'll be 36! CRAP!

Yes, that is Brad. In his Cookie Monster coat. Ahhhhahahaha, how cute is he?!

Anyway, i just love him. I'm loving that he had a day off today. I'm loving that i've been able to spoil him by cooking his favorite meal & a dessert. I'm loving that I get to be married to him. He's the best! 

My friend Ashley started teaching Zumba & I am LOVING her class! There were four in her first class, then about 6 or 8, but last night there were about 20!!! It was crazy! In a good way! I am so excited for her - she is SO GOOD at leading the class & man, it is a WORKOUT! And i smile the whole time. Who smiles while working out?! I mean, really. :) LOVE ZUMBA!

(If you are in Baton Rouge (or better yet, Central/Denham area), join us!!!)


So fro-yo places have been popping up all over Baton Rouge, all of a sudden. It's kinda crazy. They have Menchies, Yogurtland & Tutti Frutti. I went to a Menchie's ages ago & was not impressed, but there's one in central now & everyone LOVES it...maybe i had the wrong thing?! Anyway, i have not been to the other two places (but want to!), but i did recently try the frozen yogurt sold at Roly Poly. They have fresh fruit to top it with. It is DELISH!

It's already almost another weekend, can you believe it? Work hasn't been so bad this week. I've been swamped, but productive & i'm finally catching up from vacation! This weekend we have a birthday party for Tim & Marion, my two really good friends. They have been dating for several years now & they share a birthday! Which is this Saturday. I love Tim & Marion & am excited to share in their special day.
 Us with Tim & Marion 

 And then on Sunday we're having our annual PerryVenable Shindig!! We do this every year... have a big celebration in honor of Brad's birthday, Michelle's birthday (my sister who is turning 36 tomorrow!) & both father's days. This year, Michelle's future hubby & in-laws will be joining us too...so it has now been dubbed the PVP Shindig. :) I can't wait! It'll be a great time!
Shindig 09 - michelle, brad & moi.

{Laura Story}
 I wanted to just put her name & not tell you who she is. Because i really want to share a certain song with you in another post. But you'll just google it anyway (if you haven't heard of her), right? Laura wrote Chris Tomlin's Indescribable. We've been singing that song a lot lately in church & the girl who leads it at church has a beautiful voice. This song has been going through my head all week. 

 Love that song. There is another song of hers that is going through my head this week, too. But that's a story for another post.

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Happy Birthday to Brad!
    FroYo is so good, we have a few places here and I think I ate my body weight in it while I was pregnant. I just told myself it was calcium so thats good ;) haha.
    I really want to try Zumba too! I'm still nervous to have a gym daycare watch babygirl though so...one day!

  2. Happy late Birthday to Brad! Froyo is AMAZING. Haha, we're obsessed!

  3. Oh my word, that coat is adorable!! Tell me someone saved it?!?! Unlikely, I know. :) Happy late bday to your hubby. And yay for fro yo too!! :)

  4. And you're even missing a few of the new frozen yogurt places. There's one in Denham out by Bass Pro, although I can't think of the name, but I believe it has frozen in it. And then there's another, Red Mango, that opened up at perkins rowe.

  5. I can't believe you don't like Menchies! I LOVE it! I try to convince my mom to go with me every time I am in BTR since they don't live that far away. But I am not a picky yogurt eater :) haha!

  6. you guys look too awesome...i love all the things you are loving today! i still have to try Zumba!


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