Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Weekend.

It's been a great weekend so far! And i'm really happy that it's a long weekend...no work on Monday for us. YAY! :) 

I made an Amazon order the other day & it came in Friday! I got a new cd, Laura Story... recently, during a sermon, they played an amazing song in church. It was called "Blessings" & i LOVE it. I found out the artist's name & immediately looked her up! I had never heard of Laura Story, but if you know that Chris Tomlin song, Indescribable - she wrote that. She also wrote Mighty to Save & some others you may know. Loving her cd!

The book you see is one that my friend Laura recommended. It was only $15 & it's such a nice book! I am excited to start reading & get a bit better at this photography thing! :) Thanks, Laura!

Not pictured was a new sports bra... but i really saw no need to take a pic of that haha. But i LOVE it! Wore it today during bootcamp & it's great! :) YAY! Speaking of bootcamp...
My friend Ashlie taught our class this morning. She did a great job! The workout today was TOUGH! Ow! I am going to be sore tomorrow! Haha. We start a new session on Wednesday (July 6th) if anyone in Central, BR or Denham is interested! It's a great class (& I get $10/off for each person that joins because of me...hint hint!). :) Love Body BaYou.

 {me & lauren at her wedding}

After that I ran to my parent's house to borrow their shower, haha. I had lunch plans in the same area & didn't want to drive all the way back home & all the way back. Plus, I didn't really have time. So, i took a shower there, got dressed & visited with my parents for a bit. Then, I met my friend Lauren at Central Perk. But it was closed! Sad face! So we went to Caliente instead, a new mexican restaurant in Central. Had a great time talking to Lauren. She's such a sweetie! She has been my bootcamp buddy all year, but is no longer able to go. She got married in May & I haven't seen her since! So it was really nice getting to talk to her & catch up on life! I hope we do that again soon! After that, I ran into CATO, a clothing store in the same shopping center. I had a gift card to there from my in-laws for my birthday that I still haven't used. So I ran in & ended up getting a cute shirt & a pair of sunglasses. I lost mine again! UGH! 2 things in this world I am constantly losing or breaking: sunglasses & umbrellas. This is why i by cheap ones! :)

Came home, blogged, took a nap, woke up & read some more of The Rescue, by Nicholas Sparks. This is my first Nicholas Sparks book & i am NOT disappointed. Oh wow. Why am i just now reading his books?! I'm excited to have a new author to read. 

After my nap, me & my man watched TAKEN, with Liam Neeson. My coworker let me borrow it. I can't believe I'm just now seeing it! This is a serious kick butt movie. Really good movie. REALLY good. Very suspenseful. Maggie Grace is also in it... she was Shannon in Lost.

Tomorrow is church & then we're having lunch at my in-laws. Yay! :)

On Monday, mom & dad are going to come bring this hutch that i *think* i want. They're getting rid of it & asked if i wanted it. Just hoping I have room for it. I want to rearrange our living room, so hopefully we can make it work & it will look nice. I also have some shelves i ordered that are STILL at Ashley Furniture, so we're going to pick those up too. Other than that, no plans! Sadly, nobody in my family wants to do anything! Not Brad, not my parents, not my in-laws! Bummer. I know it's hot, but i still want to do SOMETHING even if it's indoors! I may just get in the car by myself & go to the levee to watch some fireworks. I'll be sweating like crazy, but I want to try to take some pics! Laura did a tutorial on taking firework pics & i want to try it out! I guess it just depends...

{Happy 4th of July!}


  1. I am SO proud of your boot camp diligence friend. It is SO going to be worth it in the long run. :) I don't know if I've ever read a Nicholas Sparks book....sometimes his movies are super cheesy and I'm not a huge cheese fan. But books are often better. "Taken" was SO good!!! Brett is on his way to get "Eat Pray Love", can you believe I haven't seen it yet?? We don't get to watch movies too often these days, usually too tired. :) I've heard that Laura Story song and thought it was really powerful and simple. I can't believe the other great songs she has written too, including my favorite song "Mighty to Save"!!!!!! Happy 4th friend!

  2. Mel! I had no idea that you never read Nicholas Sparks before!! I love his books. Love them.

    Hooray for the book coming in!

    And you should def get in the car and go see fireworks... even if by yourself. :) I got some awesome pics last night. It was fun!!

  3. I just bought that same Nicholas Sparks book! Haven't started reading it yet though. But I've loved all his other books that I've read. I also have that Learning to See Creatively book. I've been working my way through one of Bryan Peterson's other books, Understanding Exposure. LOVE IT!

    Enjoy your weekend! We don't have any big plans either. Just fireworks tomorrow night.

  4. Happy 4th Friend! I can't wait til Im done being pregnant and I can join in on these bootcamps! How awesome is that that Ashley is teaching the class...I am so gonna have to sign up!

  5. Please take this the BEST way Mel. :) Can I just mention (as a proud Aussie) that 'Mighty to Save' was covered by Laura Story. The song was written by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan in Sydney, Australia. :) Laura sure has a stunning voice though- and is certainly a talented songwriter- Indescribable performed by Chris Tomlin. Wow!

    Hope that you're having a senstational day. :)




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