Monday, July 11, 2011

Good weekend!

So, I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we did NOTHING. Which I like. I'm always too tired on a Friday night to do anything more than just chill out!

Saturday, I was up bright & early (-ish) to head to Mandeville to meet my sister. We went to Southern Bridal to order our bridesmaid's dresses. It was just me, my sister & her bridesmaid, Kelly. I was meeting her for the first time & she was hilarious & fun. I liked her a lot. The other two bridesmaids already ordered their dresses. We could pick any style we wanted of the same designer/color/fabric. I picked the style above. I don't know what it is about the halter style, but I love them & it's a good pick for me. The dress is a pretty dark blue color & the sash is a cream color. We all picked different styles. It shall be beautiful! :) After that we went to eat at some mexican restaurant in town & had a good time! That evening after I got home, we went to Walmart...my favorite place! (NOT!)

At Walmart, i got a book called "Growing Up Amish" by Ira Wagler. It's about a guy that grew up Amish (duh haha) & he left when he was 17. I am LOVING the book so far. Very interesting read & a true story. It's fascinating. I will let you know how I like it when I'm done. But i love it already!

Sunday was church & it was interesting! During worship, the lights kept flickering on & off. And I don't mean in a cool concert-type way! I just mean randomly & with an awful buzzing sound! Then they all went out! Well, the main ones stayed on but all the little round ones (I'm sure there's a technical word here) kept blinking on & off & finally went out. It was hot, too. Weird! Pastor Terry immediately started preaching after worship so he could get finished & get us out of there haha. So we got out of church at 11:30 (normally it's noon). I really enjoyed his sermon, so I'm glad he preached it despite the light/air issues! The a/c was on most of it, it just went out at some point... it wasn't unbearable! The light thing was crazy. While he was preaching, the main lights went out too & he used a flashlight. He put it up to his face like he was telling ghost stories, which made everyone crack up. He's hilarious! Eventually they all came back on & everyone cheered. Pastor Terry reminded us that many churches do not have electricity at all & Brad said the same thing when we left...that it reminded him of when he was in Mexico on missions. That most churches across the world have faulty electricity. We have it SO GOOD & don't even realize it! But anyway there was some sort of fuse issue going on there! The message was awesome & timely for me. I'll share more about it later. :)

At church, there was a flyer in the bulletin saying that if we want to be a blessing by preparing a meal for a person who is sick or a family with a new baby, to please fill it out & put it in an offering box. I did it. I am excited. Honestly, if they call me to bring a dinner to someone i don't know, i will be scared! HAHA. But I decided to do it anyway & cross that bridge when i get to it. I told Brad I have ALWAYS wanted to do that, even before I knew how to cook! So far, I've done it twice, i think. I brought Chicken Pot Pie to my coworker in March when she had a baby. And years ago I brought my friend Heather some kind of casserole when she had a baby. I wanna do it again! We haven't really gotten involved at Victory yet (although when growing up there throughout my mid-twenties, i put in a LOT of work there!) & i have been wanting to do SOMETHING. So...I'm kind of excited!

After church we ran to the grocery for produce (because walmart never has good produce!). We went home, had lunch, napped & later watched the movie Knight & Day with Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz. Honestly? It was OKAY. It was funny, i guess, but not a GREAT movie or anything! I was kind of surprised because I've heard so many people say they liked it, people who don't even like Cruise or Diaz! It was just okay.

So, here I am at work. Been busy busy but now I'm getting SLEEPY! Bootcamp today after work...

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sweet comments on my last post. Sometimes it's hard to put it out there, how you really feel, but when it's weighing on me so heavily, i have to write it out. I appreciate your prayers & your encouragement. More on this later. :)


  1. Ooooh I like the dress!

    Crazy about the church service! Awesome that they just kept going!

    And hooray for meals! I love taking people meals (even though I don't really like cooking.) I just took my friends sloppy joes... easy to heat up! I also threw in some store bought pasta salad and cantalope. Yum.

  2. That dress will be beautiful on you! I love the idea of taking meals to people. I've only done it once for my friend who had a baby but I would love to get to do it again!

  3. Ooooh will you bring me a chicken pot pie when Everett is born?? That sounds SO good. Maybe I could make one and freeze it ahead of time to eat.

  4. I think that's a great idea! And that is a beautiful dress! I saw you in a blue dress or two for weddings (pictures that you posted) and blue looks wonderful on you! That dress in blue and cream on you will be stunning, no doubt!

    For my wedding I let my girls all pick out their own style in the same color and it had to be floor length but it was nice because each girl could wear which top and skirt they felt great in and fit best because my girls were all different shapes (some bigger busted and one really small) so no single top would have been flattering on all of them. I thought they all looked great in what they picked and at least I didn't make them wear something hideous they hated, right? :)


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