Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why today was awesome.

Today was awesome. And, by today I mean Friday. I know it says Saturday's date above, but honestly, it's after midnight & i just haven't gone to bed yet. :)

{Why Today Was Awesome.}

-I woke up, weighed & discovered I lost 2.2 pounds this week. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Unless you know me really well or read my weightloss blog, you probably have no idea of the struggle this has been for me, especially over the last 2 years when i gave it my ALL. But it's finally working.
-Brad was off today so he dried my hair after I got out of the shower. This is the worst part of getting ready for me (i hate drying my hair!) & it takes FOREVER unless he does it. So he saves time for me & it feels wonderful. I know. I'm such a lucky girl. 
-He also put my coffee in a travel mug & fixed it just the way i like it. It was PERFECT.

-I got to work & weighed again (we're doing a "weigh-down challenge" at work) & according to their scale, I am down 5 pounds! HAHA! Right. I know that's not accurate, but it still made me happy!

-We went to a stress management seminar which was not as horrible as i thought it would be & she showed us this video. Apparently, laughter helps to relieve stress. And man, this baby CRACKED ME UP! (You may have already seen this.)
(She also showed us a hilarious I Love Lucy video, it's in my previous post.)

-I had some fro yo today. Mmmm.

-The day flew by!

-My in-laws came over for dinner. I love my in-laws. 

-I cooked these turkey burgers for dinner. I also made Sarah's sweet potato fries. Both were a hit. YUM!

{Why Will Tomorrow Be Awesome?}

-Bootcamp at 8 am. (Just kidding. That's not awesome. Especially since it's nearing 1 am. I am such a  night owl on Friday nights. :) )

-Our friend Erin's wedding!!!! 

-There's also a baby shower & housewarming party on the calendar but i am not sure if we are going to be able to make them!! They overlap!! So, we'll see. :)

Honestly? I have no clue why i'm still awake. Time for bed. Have a great weekend. :)


  1. I'm so excited for you that you lost 2.2 (or 5??) pounds!! :)

    I've seen that video of the baby laughing before and it's absolutely awesome!

  2. I am so freaking excited about the weight loss! And the sweet potato fries of course. :) I'm absolutely kicking myself for not planting sweet potatoes in my garden this year!

  3. Yay for weightloss. As one friend recently told me, even 1/2 a pound is in the right direction! So glad for you!

    And I L.O.V.E. that video of the baby laughing. He's actually famous now... was on the Today show and everything. haha!

  4. I am so excited about your weight loss! That's awesome girl! Haha, I love that Brad dries your hair. Funniest thing ever, but for real, I'm jealous. It is the most boring thing to do!

  5. I am SUPER DE DUPER jealous that your hubby dries your hair for you!! Holy cow! I'm missing out here! I am gonna run that by my husband tonight. And don't you know he's going to laugh at me?! lol The best I get is when he plays with my hair while watching a movie or something. Sigh.. :)

    Major congrats on the weight loss, girlfriend! I am trying to get my booty back in gear after our vacation - which is why I'm a little late on commenting!

    My in-laws get on my nerves a good bit but I love them too! I especially love having them over for dinner vs my parents over for dinner. They are much more appreciative and it's a nicer time. lol Go figure.


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