Sunday, August 7, 2011

2nd Annual BBA Reunion!

So, I know it isn't often that you see anybody from your elementary school class, but a couple years ago the kids I attended Brownsfield Baptist Academy with started finding each other on facebook. Jenni (my elementary school BFF) started a "BBA Alumni Support Group" Haha. After talking awhile on FB, we started talking about getting together for some sort of reunion. We debated about where to do it ... a house, or a restaurant? I was adamant that we do a restaurant... I thought it would be a better atmosphere if it was awkward ... HA! I mean, you never know how these things will go!

So we went to Superior Grill last year. And we had a BLAST! Seriously, such a great time - everyone hit it off really well. As soon as it was over, we started making plans for the next one - this time at Lea's house. Lea & her husband just finished building their house (after years of living in a trailer on the land they bought - something we want to do!) & they were thrilled to open their home to us. 

Once again, we had such a wonderful time. The kids were invited to join us this year so it was fun getting to see everyone's mini-me's! 

{Here are some pics!}

 Jennifer C & Jennifer P! :) Love these two!

 So sweet... Michelle with her little Isaac.

 Rachel couldn't make it last year because she had just had little Brody! He's so cute & wow...he was all over the place! Poor mama!

 This is Michelle's other child, Isabelle...sometimes called Izzy. Is she not PRECIOUS?! She was talking to Rosebud, the dog, so sweetly. :)

 Mona & Jennifer!

Kelly, Lea & Dusty
 Kelly & her son, Alex

Travis & his daughter, Anna Grace 

 Me & Lea -yes, we are sweaty...it was HOT!

 Sarah Beth & Zoe - too cute!

 Some of my favorite girls from elementary school. Michelle (with Izzy), Jennifer, Jenni (with Noah), me & Mona

The kids were too cute, swinging away! Craig (pushing the swing), Izzy, Sarah Beth, Anna Grace, Lainey, Mya & Zoe!

Those of us who made it this year (from our class). i felt so bad, i didn't take any pics of the significant others! Oops! :( 

We had a really awesome time! I can't wait till next year already! :)


  1. What fun! It's always great to get together with old friends!

  2. I tried to comment yesterday but my laptop at home doesn't let me comment for some reason. I have to keep re-logging in and it never lets me post a comment.

    Looks like you guys had a blast! I think it's so neat that you guys put this little annual reunion together! Love all the pictures!

  3. That's amazing. It's so rare to keep up with people from that long ago! Love it!


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