Monday, August 1, 2011

Aunts & Uncles & Cousins, oh my!

This past weekend we had a short (but sweet!) visit with some family we don't get to see too often!  We try to make it to Grenada, Mississippi at least once a year. When we do, we get to see my mom's side of the family & my grandmother on my dad's side. And sometimes I get to see my dad's youngest brother & his wife, because they only live a couple of hours from Grenada. However, my dad also has 2 older brothers & they have kids & grandkids. I grew up seeing them around the holidays...for Thanskgiving or Christmas or both! But now all the cousins are grown & the great grandchildren are growing up (too fast, i might add!) & not everyone can get to Grenada each year.

This year I found out my Uncle Mike & Aunt Jean would be in Grenada for two weeks! They live in Montana & don't come down too often. Their daughter Michelle & her family would be there too! We decided to set a weekend to be there at the same time. And my Uncle George would be coming too & one of his sons & his family. Not everyone could make it, unfortunately, but I really was thrilled to see those who were able to be there!

The last time we all saw each other was in 2007... before I got back together with Brad! So my husband finally got to meet some of my family this weekend. :) YAY. Here are some pics!

 Mom & Dad on their 35th anniversary! (Saturday, July 30th)

 My cousin Michelle & her husband Tom

Take Two!

 Sweet Mama Jo!

 Mike & Michelle on our quick trip to Spencers!

Beautiful skies!


 My Uncle George, the photographer of the family. His is a Canon too! :)

 Uncle George snapped this photo of us. I love it! 

 We went for a drive around the Grenada Lake!

 Sweet Katie (2nd cousin) with my mama.

 Michelle & Uncle Mike
 My cousin's daughter, Payten, & her friend Lauren. Sweet girls!
 Tom & Michelle laughing at something. :)

 Me with my cousin Chris' wife, Kim. Love her!
 This would be a great pic if my dad wasn't acting like such a 12 year old boy goofball! I had about 6 shots of this & one or all of them have goofy faces in them! This is Mama Jo with her four sons: Uncle George (the oldest), my dad (he's #3), Uncle Mickey (the baby) & Uncle Mike (#2)!

My cousin Chris (Uncle George's son) with his daughter Payten & her friend Lauren.

This is not everyone - but most of us - who made it! 

We had a great time visiting everyone! It was crazy to me how much Katie, Cameron & J.T. grew since the last time we saw them (Tom & Michelle's kids...Cameron not pictured because poor thing was sick!)! And Payten too! All are great kids! And i really enjoyed being around the uncles & aunts & cousins again! So thankful for Mama Jo to host! So looking forward to the next time - hopefully sooner than 4 years from now! :)


  1. Wow... so lucky to see that much family!! It's so hard when they're all spread all over the country... eh? Sometimes I long for the days when people just stayed where they were born and everyone was near all their family. But... we all gotta follow our dreams! Seems like it was a really nice weekend!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Email me the pic of you and Brad and I'll see if I can brighten it up just a little. It's a great pic!

  3. I love that picture of the two of you! This post made me a little homesick for my own family but in a good way. :)

  4. Wow! Getting together with family is just the best thing. It's so hard living far away but it makes it so much sweeter when we visit! Love the picture of you and Brad!

  5. How fun that you were able to see so many in your family!

    By the way, you won my summer giveaway! Can you send me your address at throughcloudedglass@gmail.com? Then I can get everything sent to you! :-)


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