Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy birthday, Fievel!

Today is my Fievel's birthday! He is 7 years old!

(Or was. It was August 18th. But it's after midnight, so...)

I love this dog. I mean, LOVE. You may not understand. Unless you have a dog & love him like i love mine. I remember when I first laid eyes on him. I was NOT planning on getting a dog. At all. But his sweet little eyes, looking up at me...begging me to take him??? How could i resist?! 

For the first year, i regretted getting him. He was SO BAD! Haha! But we got through that & he is my sweet puppy! He's hilarious & spunky... full of mischief! But also so sweet. He is currently curled at my feet, sound asleep. I love this furbaby of mine!


 Bone? Please?

 Getting Fiesty!!!

 He pretty much always has this look on his face. It says, "if i sit still will you give me a bone? Or a carrot? Or anything you're eating?!?!?!?" :)

Fun fact: For the first 2 weeks I had him? His name was Zorro. HA! See that gray-ish hair around his eyes? It was BLACK when he was a puppy. Looked like the mask of zorro! After 2 weeks of calling "Zorro!", well. It just wasn't working. He's SO not a Zorro! Good thing, since that black mask faded! Also, note how he has one paw turned to the side. Cracks me up!



    Don't you love how much joy they bring to us...unconditional!

    Happy Friday Melissa!

  2. SO cute!! Happy birthday to your sweet doggie!

  3. Happy Birthday Fievel! He is such a handsome boy! :) And I'm sure he'll have a happy birthday since his momma loves him so much - how could he not? That's one of the best gifts you can give them is your love. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Fievel! Hope he had a great day! He is so cute!!!


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