Monday, August 22, 2011

If i were superstitious...

Last week, I was standing at the counter in the kitchen making a sandwich. There was a crash. A loud crash. Under the counter I was working on. I opened the cabinet down there & a glass dipping bowl (the kind that is in the center of a chips & dip platter) was in my (new) rachael ray stoneware. It was SHATTERED. I don't have a clue. I guess it was on the shelf above it & fell into the dish. But it's been in the same spot for 3 years & now it falls? Now that i have new favorite dishes there?! I wasn't as concerned about the glass dip thingie, but my Rachael Ray dish now has a crack that runs the entire width! So saddy!

If I was superstitious, that would have been my warning. But i'm not.

The next day is when I found out I lost my job. Or that i will, by the end of October. If you missed that post, you can read it here. You can even skim to the bottom (it's a good post, though -so you should just go ahead & read the whole thing!). As long as I'm thinking about new opportunities & how God must have something great in store for me (as far as jobs go), I'm FINE. But the minute i start thinking about how much i LOVE working at CAAA, how much i love our new offices, which we finally just got in March, how much i love sharing an office with my "office bff" tonya, how much i love the feeling i have there (i am well-respected there & I like that. But i won't have that anywhere else because that is something you earn) - the minute I think of all that... well... i have to consciously make myself think on something else. Because it just makes mad. Mad at the people who made this decision. Even so, nothing they've done is hindering God's will for my life, right? RIGHT. :) 

Friday night I went to the Beautiful Conference, which was awesome & I will blog about that soon! After the service, I called Brad and asked him to make me some coffee. My throat was killing me & I felt like I needed something warm on it. I got home, made myself a cup, set it on the tv tray (next to my laptop) & proceeded to get myself situated on the couch. But i ended up knocking the tv tray with my knee, causing my coffee to spill on the keyboard. NICE!

Hubby has since tried to clean it & fix it. I ended up taking it to my friend, Tim, who owns a computer repair place to have it fixed. So I'm using my very old piece of junk laptop right now! Ughhhh! I can't believe i did that! I usually have a drink on the tray & the laptop in my lap, but i was just trying to get situated, so the coffeee was next to my laptop. Grr.

Saturday was more conference & it was sooo good. Thank Jesus i was able to spend time with Him this weekend! :) On Sunday, I went to work at the Manship. Sunday night, i took a new medicine. I was told to take 2 at bedtime. No warnings or side effects listed on the bottle. Within 20-30 minutes of taking it, i started experiencing...well, the only other time I have felt like that in my LIFE was when I passed out a few years ago after giving blood. I think i almost did pass out. It was SCARY. I was trying to email my friend & I could not focus at all on the screen. It was swimming. I would stop, put my head in my hands & wait for a second & try again. It started getting worse, so I shut down my computer and tried to stand up. But the room was spinning & i felt HORRIBLE! I sat back down & Brad is kind of freaking out at this point, asking if he should call 911, etc! And I'm thinking no, i'll be fine. He tells me to put my head between my legs & take some deep breaths. I don't know if he made that up but it helped! Then i just got up (tears streaming down my face, more out of nerves I think than anything else) & said i thought i just needed to lay down. I went right to sleep & did not wake up until morning. That was at about 7:30 pm. SCARY!!! So... I guess I can't take that medicine again (by the way, I looked at the side effects and that was NOT on there!). 

SO yeah. It's been a bad week. Or weekend, i guess. And now i'm job searching. I've applied for 3 state jobs. Trying to apply or a 4th, which sounds the most like I'd love it, and it wants your ENTIRE job history... including supervisor names & phone numbers. I don't even REMEMER some of their names! Haha! 

Back to the wonderful world of JOB SEARCHING. Ugh!

So there ya go. Loveliness. Right?

I know things will get better.Just hit a rough patch.But i look forward to November, where at least I'll know where I'm working! Prayers, please! :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that things have been a little rough for you recently. I hope it helps that I gave you a blog award? Check out it-takes-2.blogspot.com and get the details!

  2. Girl I had one of those weeks last week! The fire alarm even went off at Little Bug's dr appt (what are the odds!?) and we all had to evacuate for 20 min and wait for the fire dept to show up. I felt like apologizing to everyone around me because I was obviously carrying my awful luck around with me and they were unfortunate to have scheduled an appt at the same time as me! LOL (Yes I'm ridiculous)

    Anyways, this week is going better for me, and I hope things start looking up for you soon :) Keep your head up girl!

  3. You have to love those weeks. God will see you through it all! I'm sorry, though about your job. I must have missed your post so I'll have to go read!

  4. You are definitely having one of those "when it rains it pours" times. :( Hopefully the sun comes up and you can experience God's rain! The joy of the Lord is your strength. I'm excited to see where your life goes during this time of transition!


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