Sunday, August 28, 2011

Theo: Teaching Children God's Word - a review & giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to review a brand new children's DVD series. The series is called Theo: Teaching Children God's Word. It is set to release in stores on September 13th.

I received the dvd (along with an extra to give away!) promptly in the mail & was excited to get it. It is the first in the series. There are two episodes on the DVD, both of which were under 10 minutes long. I think this is great for the little ones without a long attention span! :)

The first show was about SIN & the second, FAITH.

*image from theo's website

I watched both episodes & was immediately impressed by the animation. It is high-quality & also, super cute, which we all know is very important for cartoons! Theo, a student of God's word, teaches kids about what sin means in the first episode, Good News. He talks about how all of us sin & how it means to "miss the mark", and how we need Jesus to be our Savior. 

The second epiode, Saving Faith, talks about how it is impossible to please God without faith. His little guests, Belfry & Luther (the mice in the above pic), provide examples to help kids understand the teachings given by Theo himself.

I think this is a great dvd series. High-quality animation. Lots of humor. And sound biblical teachings. You can find out more about this adorable series here.

I did mention that this is a giveaway, too, didn't I? Leave a comment if you would like to enter! One entry per person. I will pick a winner Saturday morning. You will have 24 hours to contact me after I have announced the winner, or I will pick a new one.


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  1. Ok I am going to try entering the contest as anonymous and see if I can do it this way. If I win, I don't have internet at my house so I won't see it until Monday morning, which is a little more than 24 hours. I hope that's ok.


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