Saturday, September 24, 2011

The job hunt.

So... about work. As you may know, I have to have a new job by mid-October. My job is ending October 14th. That is the last day, whether I have a new job or not. If i have a new job by the 17th, i will be thrilled. If i can start it around the 19th? Even better! I would not mind a couple days off in between. But we shall see.

I am pretty excited to be starting a new chapter of my life. It's weird. When i first heard the news, i was REALLY upset. I have really started to love my job as of January 2011. It just started getting a lot better with my new position, which i was promoted to in February 2010. It was still very stressful, but a different kind of stress. By the end of the year, I was loving my job a lot more. I had settled into it, built relationships with colleagues, etc. In March we moved to our new offices & after that it just became a really good place to work. Not everyone felt that way. But for me, it was pretty ideal. Nice new huge office? An entire wall of windows? Office BFF as office-mate? A boss who left me alone & just let me work?! IDEAL. :)

There were still the crazy insane this-is-ridiculous parts of my job, for sure. But the stress was a good stress. Stuff i could research & fix. I felt like I was making a difference. I felt respected there. I didn't dread going to work at all. And i thought things were getting better. 

But then it was announced that it was over. We would begin transitioning our clients to another company & by October 14th, the transition would be complete & we would no longer be employed there. Um...yikes!

So i was upset. But now? Now that i've gotten used to the idea? I'm excited. I'm ready to begin this new chapter & leave the old behind. I will definitely miss some people. And i am determined to stay in touch with a few of them!! But I'm looking forward to what God has for me next. And it's got to be bigger & better, right?

So i have had 2 interviews. The first one, we'll call Company A. It went well. It's a gorgeous facility, a little farther than i would like to drive, but GOOD. Everyone was super nice there. I didn't think i got the job. I was certain of it. I don't know why. I didn't say or do anything wrong, i don't think, but i just didn't feel it, i guess. 

Company B was this past week. On Wednesday. I already know two people that work there, one that i know put in a good word for me. This is also a nice facility. It's very new. The people i know who work there LOVE IT. It's a perfect location for me (well, perfect would be 5 minutes from home & it's not THAT! But it's still a good area for me). I absolutely love the girl i interviewed with. She was about my age & i felt like i just clicked with her. She actually reminds me a lot of my friend Susan, so maybe that is why i was comfortable with her. I also had to take a personality test! I was honest in it, so... yikes! Ha!

She was with HR, though. So she said that she would be giving resumes to the person who would be my boss if i were to be hired. If that person is interested then she will call me for a SECOND interview. EEK!

(I don't love interviews. Unfortunately, you have to go on one to get a job!)

I feel pretty sure I will get a call from them...unless i failed that test or something! Haha. 

Well, i just had a feeling that is where i am going to work. But then... as i was having lunch with my office besties on Thursday, my cell rang. I excused myself (we were finishing up anyway) & took the call. It was Company A! They said that they filled the other position with someone else, which didn't surprise me. But she went on to say that another position just opened up as executive secretary for the VP of (operations or something. Not of the whole company!). As she was telling me what the job would be, my mind was whirling. "oh, but i really liked company b... i wonder how much this one pays... is she offering me the job or i need to go back for an interview?" She ended by saying, "Now, the pay for this one is a little more than the other one you interviewed for...". My thoughts? "Wait. More???? What did she just say?" Because the other position was quite a bit more than i make now already. She told me how much & ... it's a lot of money to us. Might not be a big deal to some of you, but it is to us! And it would seriously help us to get out of debt & to save up for a house a lot quicker. So i was getting excited. She asked if i would be interested & i said i was. She said she'd give my resume to the VP guy on Monday & if interested, he would call me for an interview next week. 

So. Wow. Hmmmm. 

Company B did not say how much they would pay, nor do i know how their benefits are. I am assuming the benefits are good. But Company A sent me a spreadsheet listing their benefits & they are fantastic.

Company B will pay more than i make now, but i have no idea how much!

But money is not everything. I need it... i have been praying for an increase in our income, because we need it desperately! But there are certain things i'm just not going to do. Things that aren't worth it. I am not going to wear a skirt & heels every single day. And i'm not going to work for a total jerk. So. Next week I might have an interview with two potential bosses. I could kind of see if i click with them or how i think i would like working for them. I am praying for God's total wisdom in making a decision (if i am even offered a job at one of them!).

For some reason...despite the crazy-good salary.. I think i will end up with Company B! I just do. It's a feeling I have, but i don't know why I feel that way. It could totally not be the place for me. We will see. 

Either way, i am excited to see where God is leading me. 

So. That's the latest! Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

Speaking of PRAYERS! Thanks to those of you who prayed for Brad's Granny! Guess what!!!!? Her oncologist believes that we have her for a year or years, instead of weeks or months. The cancer he believes is from the breast cancer, and is not a new bone cancer. He thinks there is something we can do about it. PRAISE THE LORD!

{happy weekend}

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pullet Boints

This is how we talk at home. Brad started it months ago & we can't stop. It is fun. It is funny. And I am now starting to think words sound backwards when they are actually being said correctly.
You already knew we were weird, right?

Anyway. Bullet points are always my favorite posts. People apologize when they write them, but then everyone comments that they love them! So. I do not apologize. I will just write freely. I hope you enjoy!

Third post tonight, by the way. I know I should schedule one for tomorrow! I never do that, though. Maybe i should! I personally read people's posts whether they post 5 in a day or once a day for 5 days. But I hear that not everyone does this. That you should spread your posts out a bit. Oh-well.


  • Saturday I will take my first photography class. Woohoo! I am kind of excited. Also scared that I will be tempted to sleep in & not go. But it's not until 10 am! I can make that, right? Surely! I will be so mad at myself if i do not go. It's free. It's a class. On photography. Taught by an actual photographer (so they say. I am assuming they are telling the truth.). So, yeah! Exciting!
  • I just joined Google Plus. I said I wouldn't. I said it would be too sad, because the whole reason i do facebook is to stay in touch with friends & family that I don't get to see all the time.  If I switch to Google Plus, what will I do if nobody is there? Tonight I decided to just try it (along with facebook) for a couple of weeks. I can decide which i like least & delete it. So far... I really like Google Plus. It's just like Facebook but a lot SIMPLER. And i need SIMPLE. My brain is going kind of crazy with all the stuff going on over at FB. It just is! Also, I am finding it nice to just start over somewhere else. No friends, nothing. Just start fresh. (Side note: I'm not leaving Facebook yet. And i may not, ever. Do not fret.)
  • I have a haircut appointment tomorrow. Yay!
  • I just finished The Covenant, by Beverly Lewis. SO GOOD! It took me a minute to get into it, but then I could not put it down. I already got the sequel, which is called The Betrayal. So good already! I also am reading NURTURE, by Lisa Bevere. I am participating in an online book club with some blogger friends. I feel bad, because we discuss the book on Facebook & I can't get on Facebook at work! But the book is very good & I will eventually get to participate in the FB discussions! Last, but not least, I am reading Embracing Your Freedom, by Susie Larson. Oh, wow. This book is really good. I actually am reading on my Kindle, but bought a copy of the book to give away on my blog. I will do that after i read it, though, so i can tell you about it! Susie was the speaker at the Beautiful Conference I went to in August. She is pretty amazing.
  • Work.Is.Crazy. If you didn't know, I lost my job. Or... will lose my job. Our last day is October 14th (unless we find a new job sooner). So, I am on the job hunt & have a LOT going on at work as well. We have to transfer all of our clients to another agency & it is a huge process! I am also busy wrapping up a lot of other things! CRAZY. It is a strange feeling knowing your life is going to be TOTALLY different in a matter of weeks. We're throwing a couple's shower for my sister & her fiance on October 15th. I was looking at the invitations i ordered & said, "yep. when we have this party, i will be finished at CAAA. Isn't that weird?" It is, because I have no idea where my new job will be! I am confident, though, that God has a great job in store for me!
  • My coworker Wendy is getting married Saturday & I am thrilled for her! She has found a great match & he is a great guy. :) It's going to be a private ceremony, so I will not be there. Still, i am super excited & happy for her. 
  • I saw Murphy & Jodi at Jason's Deli the other day. I was too chicken to say anything. To those of you who don't know... Murphy, Sam & Jodi are radio hosts. They have a local radio show in the morning that I listen to on the way to work a lot. I love them! Murphy & Jodi are married. I was sitting in Jason's Deli, eating dinner & addressing invitations. I spotted Jodi. Her husband was across from her, with his back to me. It was like seeing a celebrity. Except...they probably do not feel like celebrities! Ha! But they are, to me! I had just listened to them that morning! She saw me addressing invites. She passed my table & snuck a glance at them! Again, too chicken! But today i went to their Facebook & told them i saw them! HAHA! I am a dork. She wrote a sweet note back to me. (This is so funny. I feel like a groupie. I'm not. For the record.)
  • I Stage Managed twice this week (Sunday & Monday) & House Managed twice (Tuesday & Wednesday). Keith canceled rehearsal tonight, so i got an unexpected night off. Woohoo! It was SO NICE to just sit here on the couch & catch up on blogs. Husband made dinner! It was delish! :) 
  • I think I should write a post about what NOT to do in a theater. I'm not talking movie theater. I'm talking performing arts theater. People are rude! I'm pretty sure most do not realize they are being rude, but they are. I think people would so benefit from a post on "theatre etiquette"... or maybe they won't care. I might write it anyway. HA! (I've been meaning to do this for years, actually!)
Well, that's it for now. Lots of other things to say, but I will save it for another post! 
Hey! It's almost Friday!

The Lakes!

Last Saturday, my husband & I went to the lakes. We brought a quilt, some water & some french fries (which I am not supposed to have. Dangit!). And books! And Fievel. We sat on the quilt, read books & people-watched. It was nice.

If we had looked at the weather we would have worn shorts though. It was HOT. We'd had a few cool days & thought it was the same. Nope! Still, it wasn't unbearable. Fievel LOVED IT. He is always SO GOOD when we go out there! He is just so in awe of his surroundings. He just sits there, wide-eyed & looking around.

I brought my camera. It had been too long, sadly. 

I saw one egret. For those of you who don't know, i'm a little obsessed with the egrets. I just find them fascinating.

Ah, the lakes. How I have missed you.

{my view from the blanket}

Bad timing on my part...{shrug!}

I am so sorry to have become an every once in awhile blogger. This is not me! So if you will all just love me & accept me during this crazy time in my life, i promise I will be back to you on a more regular basis. 

Pinky promise. :) 

I have done something stupid. I have overbooked myself. I don't do this often. I LOVE free time. I am a homebody. I have done a lot less theatre since i got married. And i knew i couldn't do a show this fall. Why? Well. I'm Maid of Honor for my sister's November 12th wedding. The show runs till November 13th. That alone makes it impossible.

And yet. I'm still going to do it! I love theater! If i wouldn't have helped at auditions, i would have been FINE. But i did help & i got swept in & now i HAVE to do it. And by "have to", I mean, REALLY REALLY WANT TO BAD (even if i might have lost my mind). 

I thought with all that is going on right now...especially with looking for a new job... that i wouldn't be able to do the show. But then Keith assured me that if it gets too overwhelming that I can back out & he will be fine with it. 

That kinda sealed the deal. i am IN! & i am EXCITED! 

I know i won't back out though. I just wouldn't do it. Unless i was falling apart & having nervous breakdowns. But i don't think it will get to that point until tech week.And then i'll be almost done! HA!

I am still Maid of Honor, just so you know! Someone else will cover my SM role that last weekend of the show. :)

Oh, but there will likely be a few days of exhaustion! TEARS. It will get that bad. Very likely, it will.

I always get exhausted doing a show. But i usually will take a personal day just to rest! I have the vacation time & i do it! Or i might tell my boss I will be late & then sleep in. I make up for it by staying late, but you see what i am saying? I cannot do this at a new job! I will have to put my best foot forward & somehow not LOOK exhausted while doing it! Ummmm...

I have lost my mind.

Still, i'm excited. And it will be all over in November. I can rest my little heart out & stop having to fake an "i'm here, i'm awake!" look!


But. A Streetcar Named Desire is going to be FABULOUS! And i love working with Keith. And I am excited to be spending some time at BRLT after a 5 month break. :) 

More later. I love you all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I love Saturdays!

I love Saturdays. 

And we are finally having some beautiful weather. People keep saying it will get hot again, but I don't know. After all...we had an early summer. Why not an early fall?!?! Fingers crossed. I love this weather. I have not walked the lakes since MAY (except once last week). Brad & I may go do that a little later. I miss the lakes!
Well, it says we have 80% humidity right now. And I haven't been outside yet. But Brad says it feels wonderful out there. And it's been beautiful everyday this week! So we shall see. 

For now, we are enjoying our coffee in our new coffee mugs. Saw them at Hobby Lobby last weekend and HAD TO HAVE THEM. I never buy stuff like this for me...I started to buy it as a gift. But i mean...well. It is so "us". HAD TO HAVE. I love Hobby Lobby!

Aren't they cute?!?! 


Also, my cousin's wife had twins. So cute!

Meet Caleb Benjamin & Lily Noel!

I also wanted to say that I ordered some invitations from Tiny Prints for my sister's shower. And, wow. They did a FANTASTIC job. I love love love them! And they arrived about a week earlier than i had anticipated! Crazy! They were actually from the "wedding paper divas" division of Tiny Prints. Really nice quality. I was impressed!

Well, that's all for now! Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pray for Granny.

Well, Brad's Granny has cancer. She has had it for a couple of years now, but has been doing okay. We thought she had a few good years left.

 Doris Venable - March 2011

Well, Monday she went to the emergency room because she was having tremendous back pain. The doctor said normally that would be something to do with something or other (ruptured disc? i don't know.), but given her history with cancer, they would do an x-ray. 

Well. I think you know where this is going. The cancer is now in her bones. 

In fact, it has reached her spine.

There is nothing they can do, except send her home with medicine to keep her comfortable.

So that is what they did.

Granny is a wonderful person. We LOVE her. I love her. Brad & his sister (& all the cousins) are very close to her. Brad took off the rest of the week & has been to his granny's the last couple of days just to spend time with her. Of course, she loves that! We are both going tomorrow for a visit. 

She is not in pain or anything & it may be several months before she goes to be with Jesus. Or it could be weeks. All I know is that she is at peace with this & ready to meet Him. She is okay with it. Her faith is strong.

But the thought of losing granny makes me so sad! And it makes my heart ache for my husband & his family - immediate & extended. They all have been close to her for their whole lives!

So please pray for her & for us if you think of it!

Many Thanks!

Busy as a Bee

This week has been go, go, go! I have not had a break. 

I know there are some people who LOVE to be busy & some people who would much prefer to NEVER be busy. I am actually neither one. Or both. Okay, this is the thing. I go through phases. I will be busy busy busy & i LOVE it. And then, I am DONE. Ready to just RELAX already. And so i relax. For WEEKS. Or Months. And then i enter another busy season. By that time, I've had my fill of relaxation & I'm ready. Also by that time, I'm usually missing my BRLT family something AWFUL.

So yeah. I have been on break from theater since May or April, I think? It's been awhile. I have loved not having theater for awhile. It's nice to COME HOME after work! And stay there! Haha. But on Sunday I went to BRLT to help with auditions for A Streetcar Named Desire. I had said there was no way i could stage manage, because i just have a lot going on this fall with my sister's wedding, me looking for a new job - not to mention that I'm already on the schedule to work at Manship several times throughout the rest of September.

So i was just going to HELP. Well. By the end of the second night of auditions (Monday), i was hooked. Love the script (or what I'd heard at auditions) & LOVED the actors. This was the best turnout I think I've ever seen at an audition. Not as in how many people. But just as in how many GOOD people! Love when that happens - when you could have cast it 4 ways (although that makes it hard when you have to cut people). Everyone was great. Truly. One particular person was just brilliant. I could watch/listen to her all day. She got our lead role. She was FLAWLESS! All the other roles - they all are fantastic, too. I love the cast... & we have a lot of new people & I LOVE new people getting involved at BRLT. LOVE IT! I want them to experience & fall in love with the place just as I have. It is a magical place. For real. (I know that's cheesy. But it's true!)

So i told the director I wanted to stage manage but didn't know how that was possible! He looked at my calendar & said he could do without me for those days that I'm scheduled to work at the Manship. And that he would get someone else to cover the last weekend (which is my sister's wedding weekend). So...okay, you twisted my arm, I'm in!

But the next day, reality hit & i started to worry that I had lost my ever-loving mind. I was already hooked, REALLY wanting to do this show & not believing how bad the timing is! So when i got to the theater for the read-thru, I said, "So. Who is your REAL stage manager?" & he laughed & said, "um, that would be YOU." :) I let him know my worries but he assured me he'd be fine without me at every rehearsal. He also said that if it gets to be too much with everything going on & if i had to say, "I gotta walk away from this," then that would be fine & he would totally understand. That was super nice of him & I am IN! I feel excited about it! LOVE me some theater!

So i'm doing a show & I had no idea until after the second day of auditions. COOL!

So this past week?!

Sunday - Auditions
Monday - Auditions
Tuesday - Zumba (i know...once a week is not going to get it!).
Wednesday - Read-thru
Thursday - take coworker to dinner (she's getting married).
Friday - RELAX!

Yeah. It's been busy. And work? Work has been INSANE. Absolute insanity. And i know. I could just sit back, fold my arms & say "What are they going to do if i don't do this? Fire me???" Since i'm losing my job. But it doesn't work that way, people. You cannot just be like that! You still have to WORK!! (I say this because everytime i've said "oh my gosh, i have soooo much to do at work!" I get the response that i should just do whatever i want since i'm leaving anyway). I don't get that concept - you should still work hard! But that's not the point either. The point is that if i DON'T do this work, then if I leave before our last day (the 14th), then it's going to fall on someone else's shoulders - & that is not fair to them. Also, it will totally mess up some of our clients - & it's not their fault this is happening.  Does that make sense? Yeah. It cannot be left alone! And i am the only one who knows how to do this stuff! 

This is why i have just NOT been able to blog lately. I can't at work because i don't have any time & at night, well - i haven't been home until it's time to fall into bed!

Still looking for a job. The interview I went on went well, but I didn't get the job. They said they'd call by the end of the week & i did not get a call, so i'm thinking it went to someone else. I AM OKAY WITH THIS. It wasn't "the one". God knows the job for me & He will make sure i get it! And the job that is in His plan for my life is the one that i want!!! So i'm not worried!

That said, i REALLY have to have a job by October 16th. I cannot NOT have a job. I know that i could find temp work at BRLT & Manship, but i have to have BENEFITS! Especially with all of my recent metabolic clinic visits. I have to. Not an option. Prayers please!

So, I am excited it's the weekend. Tonight - RELAX. Tomorrow - RELAX! Nothing on the calendar! Although we will go visit Granny (see my next post). Other than that, we will just be home relaxing. I may clean a dish or two. I might vaccuum. Other than that, i plan to finish the puzzle we're working on, read & nap! HA! (Oooh, and maybe walk the lakes. We're starting to have nice weather!)

Sunday will be busy, but it will be fine after a nice relaxing Friday night (now) & Saturday! I will have church, then work at the Manship from 1-4 & then at BRLT from 5-9. Woohoo!

Gotta run. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life these days...

There is so much going on in my life right now, I feel like I rarely have time to actually blog. Before I did it at work, but now work has gotten so crazy that I literally do not have a spare few minutes to blog. I did it at home in the evenings, but now I've had somewhere to be in the evenings, or have come home so exhausted that I just go to bed, or have spent a little time online but by the time I am finished with that,  I am ready for bed & don't get to blog! It has been CRAZY.

And right now? I don't even feel like blogging!

I am actually home. I have an interview today at 2:00 & there is so much stuff I need to take care of at home. So I just took the day off. I'm about to do some laundry & run to the store in hopes to find a cute interview shirt. I seriously have NOTHING to wear.

Please pray for me with my interview. I get REALLY nervous for those. I dread questions that I don't know how to answer. Or stupid questions like, "What is your greatest weakness?" I always want to say, "Um, like I'm going to tell you?!" HA! To me the best answer for that is that you are a perfectionist... because while that IS a weakness, it's also an asset to a company. But the thing is... I am NOT a perfectionist. I am good at what I do, yes. But still. Not a perfectionist. No... my honest weakness is something that would not get me the job. I feel I shouldn't say, in case they try to find my little ol' blog. But it has something to do with not being able to get up so early in the morning... 

Anyway. Please pray for me. I woke up with an upset stomach, before i was even nervous! Maybe my body knew i was nervous before my mind did?!

I have been helping with auditions for BRLT's A Streetcar Named Desire, and it has been amazing. Everyone did SO well and the casting is not even complete...the director had to sleep on it! I was only helping with auditions... can't do the show because I have so much going on this fall already, mainly my sister's wedding which is during the run of the show! But now i'm going to the read-through because I just have gotten so interested in this play while working auditions. {SIGH.}

Some tragic news. A young man, Phillip Abington, was killed Friday night on his way to the opening night performance of BRLT's Crazy For You...it was his debut at the theater. He is from Central, where I grew up & where my parents live now (& where I hope to buy a house one day). A guy was going NINETY on Greenwell Springs Road (speed limit is 45) & hit Phillip's car. He was only 16 years old. They had started the show, assuming he was just held up somewhere, but 5 minutes into it, they got the call & stopped the performance. You can read about that here. It makes me so sad for this kid's family & for the cast/crew of Crazy for You. When you do these shows, you become like family. You work week after week for hours at a time with each other & you really feel like you've known each other forever. They performed the next evening & I was told that there were tears on & off throughout. HEARTBREAKING. Today is the funeral. Please pray for Phillip's family & friends today if you get a chance!

Well, so much else going on... but i have a lot to do today. Please please pretty please pray for me with my interview today at 2:00. It's for a great company with great benefits. I would love this job. Pray that i don't do/say anything stupid! Hahaha. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

It is crazy to me that this tragic day was 10 years ago today. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday.

I was 23 years old and living on my own at the time, in an apartment with my best friend Sarah. I was getting ready for work one Tuesday morning when my phone rang. It was my mom, who told me I'd better turn on the TV. She said something along the lines of our nation being under attack & I didn't really think it was probably as serious as she was saying. (I thought she was probably being a little dramatic, to tell you the truth!) But i turned on the TV & just stared at it in disbelief. Watched them replay it over & over.

I drove to my nanny job in a daze. Brooke, the mom of the kids that I nannied, was home all day & we just watched TV in shock & horror. I remember us going through the motions of feeding the kids, putting them down for naps, setting out some toys - but other than that, we just stared at the television. Stunned. Crying.

That is all that I remember about that day. 

I also remember in the days that followed... how there were prayer meetings in every church & people were hanging flags up all over our city. It was a beautiful sight, seeing red white & blue everywhere you looked.

I will never forget reading stories in the weeks that followed of all the heroes & all the personal tragedies. Of people who should have been on a plane or at work in a tower, but weren't. And of last minute phone calls & heroic acts. I cry today reading those same stories. 

I am praying for those families who lost loved ones that day & for all of our young men & women who are still fighting for our country. And for their families. So much sacrifice still being made after that day, ten years ago.

 I remember this picture from 9/11. It always makes me cry. I noticed when saving it that it was being saved as "tired firefighter". I think he is far more than just tired. I think this picture speaks of absolute exhaustion & grief. Completely overwhelmed.

NEVER FORGET. 09.11.2001

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Doing the September Blog Challenge with Katie!

{Day 8: A picture of your friends}

There is no way I could post a pic of all of my friends... I have been very blessed in friendship!! But I will share a few pics! :)

This is my VERY best friend, Sarah. She has been my BFF since 5th grade. We do not hang out near as often as we'd like, but I am so thankful for the time we are able to get together. When that happens, we talk for HOURS. She is a fantastic friend. I have lots of funny stories with her, and she has always been a good godly friend to have. LOVE HER!

This is Rebecca. Isn't she beautiful? I LOVE HER. She is from Canada, I am from Louisiana. We met on a missions trip to Panama (in Texas for training) in 1997. We became friends right away! We have been pen pals (as in, actual snail mail) ever since! She has lived in Tennessee for the last 10 years or so, but now they are in New York. We have been asked if we are sisters... i take that as a compliment!

Amanda & Becca. These are two women who have totally strengthened me in my walk with God. They would pray for me (in person!), encourage me, tell me the truth in love, & wrap their arms around me when i was sad. I truly am thankful for our friendship. I cannot imagine life without them in it! Love these beautiful women of God!

Tim & Marion. We all three met each other in our first BRLT show, Beauty & the Beast in 2006. They started dating the year I got married (2006) & I love that they are still together today! Also...look out, Broadway! These two are AMAZING on stage! Love these two (also love this pic, because i look thin, thanks to her coat! HAH!)

Rachel & Natalie, they are a pair! Two of my favorite theatre friends. We have been friends for 5 years now. They are sweet & silly & I love them.

Charlynn & Danielle, omg. LOVE. I have come to realize that this one is a special friendship indeed. We are each quite a few years apart in age (I am the middle child.), but i love that! It kind of feels like we're sisters! I am going to spend the day with them Saturday & I cannot wait!

I heart BRITT K! (I am Mel P, by the way. Mel P V now, but that's beside the point!) I have to tell you what led up to our meeting, because it is such fun! See, my first show at BRLT was the show a year after her first show at BRLT. I was meeting a lot of her friends & inevitably, someone would be talking about something fun/crazy/awesome that happened with her & then they'd be like, "Wait. You do know Brittany, right?" (I always say her last name when i tell this story, because it is better that way. Not as fun with just the first name, as if she's just a brittany! Although I do like the name Brittany. But can i put her last name on my blog? I put MY last name, because i'm careless weird it's just how I am, but hers? I don't know. ANYWAY, whenever I said that i did not know Brittany K, they would totally freak out & say "OH MY GOSH, you HAVE to meet Brittany K!!! You would love her, Mel!" I heard this probably 100 times. I finally met her in the meet-&-greet line at a play she was in & she said, "OMG! YOU'RE Mel P?!?! Everyone has been telling me I have to meet you!" HA. INSTANT FRIENDS. She now lives in NYC to pursue her career in theatre, and she blogs here if you want to go visit her! I miss her but we write & she visits (one day i will go visit NYC, though! Too many friends there not to!)
(i just realized there is a tiny tv above my head. i totally would edit that out now!)

This post is getting too long. But i have some GOOD friends, ya'll & I am thankful! I have blog friends too - TRUE FRIENDS & I hope to be able to get a pic with YOU one of these days!

Day 7 - Vacation

Doing the September Blog Challenge with Katie!


This is definitely, without a doubt, our honeymoon. For obvious reasons... 

1- First vacation with a boy. A boy (man) who happened to be the love of my life!

2- 2 days at a bed & breakfast & then 7 days & nights on a cruise? Yes, indeed.
3 - There were aspects of planning a wedding that brought a little drama to the whole process. I am a ZERO-drama kinda girl, so this was frustrating & upsetting! There was some stress also - i was NOT meant to be a wedding planner! To have all of that behind me (even though the wedding & some of the planning was great!) was bliss.
4 - Exchanging husband/wife gifts on the first morning as husband & wife at the lovely bed & breakfast. We meant to do it on the wedding day & it didn't happen - this was so much better.

5- Cozumel. We LOVED Cozumel.

 6- Gorgeous weather!

7 - A crystal clear see-straight-to-the-bottom ocean!

8 - An excursion in Cozumel called Passion Island, which was a small private-ish island with an all-you-can-eat mexican buffet & bar, HAMMOCKS, perfect weather & the beach....um...yes, please?!

9 - 24 hour ice cream stations... calories don't count on your honeymoon!

10 - Our first road trip (to the cruise ship in Galveston TX) with the new husband!

{SIGH.} Can we go back?!?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6: Favorite Movies

Day 6 of the September Blog Challenge. :)

I have lots of favorite movies. So...here we go...

Current favorite movie: THE HELP
 Saw it Sunday & it was great. So very well done & perfectly cast. The book was even better. So if you saw the movie & liked it, you gotta read the book! And, vice versa!

Favorite Romance: THE NOTEBOOK
When this movie came out, I was single. I watched it & HATED IT. I thought it was cheesy and unrealistic. When girls would say that was their favorite movie, i would literally cringe & try not to roll my eyes! Then i had my own love story & got married & decided to watch it again. I don't know how to explain it, but the movie had a lot of similarities to our love story. It's an awesome movie & NOT unrealistic! :)

Favorite Romantic Comedy: THE PROPOSAL
They are so funny together. Perfect comedic timing. Well-written. I love this movie.

Favorite Comedy: BRIDESMAIDS
HILARIOUS. That's really all I can say about that one. Melissa McCarthy (far left) steals the show. SO FUNNY.

Favorite Tear-jerker: THE MAN IN THE MOON
Yes, that is Reese Witherspoon. Her first movie. I don't know if a lot of people have seen this, but it's one of my all-time favorite movies. Bring the kleenex, though!

Favorite Drama: PARADISE
That is Elijah Wood & Thora Birch, in case you are wondering! One of my all-time favorite movies, but another one that i never hear people mention. It's definitely a drama, about marriage & parenting & other troubles, but it is SUCH a good movie.

Favorite Inspirational Movie: THE BLIND SIDE
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Heart-melting & warming & all that good stuff. Great message, too.

Favorite Suspense: HIGH CRIMES
Ashley Judd, Jim Caviezel, Amanda Peet, Morgan Freeman...GREAT movie.

Favorite Kick-Booty Movie: ENOUGH

This is also suspense! JLo kicks butt. Haha. Very good on-the-edge-of-your-seat movie. Guys might laugh at it, though. Maybe it's a little too Lifetime. I love it.

 Movie I could watch over & over again: SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE
I could honestly watch this over & over. I own it &only watch it about once a year, but should more often! It's super cute & sweet & funny & i love it. :)

Well, i honestly could name 5 or 6 more movies that i LOVE, but it seems i've gotten a bit carried away already! HA! Hope you enjoyed this list. :)

Have you seen these movies? 
What are your favorite movies?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5: Happy Pics!

Hi, I am linking up with Katie for the September blog challenge!

{Day 5: A Picture that Makes you Happy}

This picture always makes me happy. 
It's probably my favorite pic from our wedding.

It's the way he looks at me. Makes my heart melt. He still looks at me that way from time to time. It makes me feel special & cherished. I love him.

Day 4: Mi Familia!

I realized that I forgot about my September Blog Challenge. Oops!

I am linking up with Katie to blog everyday in September.

{Day 4: Tell us about your family.} 

This includes the in-laws. I know not everyone adores their in-laws, but I kinda do. I got really lucky in that area of my life! (and by lucky, I mean blessed!)

This is one of my favorite shots from the wedding. Next to Brad are his parents & next to me are mine. I have known Brad's parents almost as long as I have known my own. Crazy! In fact, I grew up calling Brad's parents "aunt cheryl" & "uncle stan" because our families were so close! This had to change when we became a couple, so as not to confuse anyone...don't need them thinking me & Brad are cousins! HA! Anyway... I love my parents & my in-laws.

My mom & dad, Donna & Paul, are kind & generous, and always supportive of anything i want to do. They encourage me & often tell me they are proud of me. I love them so much.

My in-laws, Cheryl & Stan, are wonderful. As stated earlier, I kind of adore them. I love hanging out with them! Me & my MIL have a lot in common & could probably talk all day about books, movies & cooking... things we both love! :)

Brad & I both have 2 sisters. Jaimie (Brad's sister) is my age & Michelle (my sister) is Brad's age! Got all that? Me & Jaimie are 33 & Brad & Michelle are 36. (Gah, we are all getting old!)

I am sure they would love me for posting this pic! Haha. Here they are goofing off before the wedding. What is funny is that while Brad & I are similar in personality & temperament, so are Michelle & Jaimie. They are both very outgoing, never-met-a-stranger types. They both are funny & good at taking charge in any situation (read: bossy). Just kidding, i mean that in a good way, actually. If you ever have an emergency, you would be glad to have one of them with you...they are good at taking action! I love them both very much!

Here's a pic of our sisters from my birthday last year. :)

Jaimie & Michelle - 2010

Hope you enjoyed meeting my family!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well, it has just been storming like crazy over here!

Normally, I am such a homebody! But I guess since I was home sick for several days, I am ready to get out of here! We have not been on a date (just the two of us) in forever it seems like! And I really wanted us to go eat & to see "The Help" this weekend! Yesterday we stayed home all day in our pj's & it was lovely. It turned out to be an excellent day, even if we were stuck inside. And praise Jesus, we never lost power!! YAY!

I thought we'd get to have our date today after church. No such luck! We didn't even get to go to church! That makes me so sad, because we missed the last two Sundays due to sickness! :( We watched the news this morning, though, and they said it's best to stay inside if possible. Plus, the street at the end of our driveway is flooded.

Oh-well. Hopefully tomorrow? But the forecast looks like the weather will clear up just in time for WORK on Tuesday! Oh-well! At least we're off tomorrow! :) 

(This is incorrect...the "cloudy" is supposed to be for right now, but it is actually pouring!)

I bought a puzzle awhile back, but we never got a chance to work on it. Well, yesterday I finally got it out. I didn't think Brad would come do it with me, because he was busy working on some things, but he did & we are now almost done! Let me just say... in the past we've always gotten 1000 or 1500 piece puzzles & they take FOREVER. This was 500 pieces & while it was challenging (& still is... we have just the sky left now & it is HARD!), at least we'll be done today & it won't sit on the kitchen table for weeks! HA!

Isn't it pretty? Love it. 

I also made hamburger veggie casserole again, which i promise you is AMAZING. And these delicious wraps for lunch! 

His (with olives) & hers (with tomatoes). Also, topped with guacamole, chicken, shredded mozzerella & lettuce. Yum!!!

And the Tigers won! I know this is just....not normal of us! But we didn't watch the game. We never do. I mean, we do root for the tigers...in spirit....but we just have no interest in actually watching football. (I know, I know.) Still proud & happy they won, though!

Well, I guess that's it for now. There are tornado watches and things in the area until four, so maybe tonight we'll get our date. Or maybe tomorrow. One fantastic thing is that I am feeling 100% better. Still congested, but I'm thinking that's more allergies. I am feeling back to my old self! Ready to get back to Bootcamp & Zumba class! For real! :) 

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Scene? Tropical Storm Lee!

Saturday Morning Scene

I have never participated in Saturday Morning Scene before! 
But my friend Mary took this picture & I had to share.

This is OUR Saturday Morning Scene, thanks to Tropical Storm Lee! Yikes!

All I can say is... at least he's not a hurricane??? I have been here for 3 of those now... that I remember (Andrew, Katrina & Gustav) & I know those are not fun! Still praying for my friends along the east coast!

I got up this morning, ready to go to my bootcamp class (which I have missed for a week due to being sick!). Not happening! The street at the end of our driveway was flooded!

I texted my bootcamp buddy to tell her I wasn't going to make it & she isn't either... she had already lost electricity! My sister lost it too. Amber lives about 45 minutes away & my sister about an hour & a half away. So far, I'm good. Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Today was supposed to be "date day" with my hubby. It's been too long since we've gone out on a date, just for the fun of it! We were gonna do a LITTLE shopping (I need an outfit to interview in! Plus we wanted to go to the bookstore), see "the help" & have dinner. Looks like that is not happening today. Maybe tomorrow! Or Monday, since we're off for Labor Day?

Oh, nice. Looks like the weather clears up just in time for work on Tuesday! And notice the 100% humidity...that's why even 76 degree temps can be GROSS here! Ha!


But I'm home, safe & cozy. Life is good.

What does YOUR saturday morning scene look like? Link up here!