Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad timing on my part...{shrug!}

I am so sorry to have become an every once in awhile blogger. This is not me! So if you will all just love me & accept me during this crazy time in my life, i promise I will be back to you on a more regular basis. 

Pinky promise. :) 

I have done something stupid. I have overbooked myself. I don't do this often. I LOVE free time. I am a homebody. I have done a lot less theatre since i got married. And i knew i couldn't do a show this fall. Why? Well. I'm Maid of Honor for my sister's November 12th wedding. The show runs till November 13th. That alone makes it impossible.

And yet. I'm still going to do it! I love theater! If i wouldn't have helped at auditions, i would have been FINE. But i did help & i got swept in & now i HAVE to do it. And by "have to", I mean, REALLY REALLY WANT TO BAD (even if i might have lost my mind). 

I thought with all that is going on right now...especially with looking for a new job... that i wouldn't be able to do the show. But then Keith assured me that if it gets too overwhelming that I can back out & he will be fine with it. 

That kinda sealed the deal. i am IN! & i am EXCITED! 

I know i won't back out though. I just wouldn't do it. Unless i was falling apart & having nervous breakdowns. But i don't think it will get to that point until tech week.And then i'll be almost done! HA!

I am still Maid of Honor, just so you know! Someone else will cover my SM role that last weekend of the show. :)

Oh, but there will likely be a few days of exhaustion! TEARS. It will get that bad. Very likely, it will.

I always get exhausted doing a show. But i usually will take a personal day just to rest! I have the vacation time & i do it! Or i might tell my boss I will be late & then sleep in. I make up for it by staying late, but you see what i am saying? I cannot do this at a new job! I will have to put my best foot forward & somehow not LOOK exhausted while doing it! Ummmm...

I have lost my mind.

Still, i'm excited. And it will be all over in November. I can rest my little heart out & stop having to fake an "i'm here, i'm awake!" look!


But. A Streetcar Named Desire is going to be FABULOUS! And i love working with Keith. And I am excited to be spending some time at BRLT after a 5 month break. :) 

More later. I love you all!

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