Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy as a Bee

This week has been go, go, go! I have not had a break. 

I know there are some people who LOVE to be busy & some people who would much prefer to NEVER be busy. I am actually neither one. Or both. Okay, this is the thing. I go through phases. I will be busy busy busy & i LOVE it. And then, I am DONE. Ready to just RELAX already. And so i relax. For WEEKS. Or Months. And then i enter another busy season. By that time, I've had my fill of relaxation & I'm ready. Also by that time, I'm usually missing my BRLT family something AWFUL.

So yeah. I have been on break from theater since May or April, I think? It's been awhile. I have loved not having theater for awhile. It's nice to COME HOME after work! And stay there! Haha. But on Sunday I went to BRLT to help with auditions for A Streetcar Named Desire. I had said there was no way i could stage manage, because i just have a lot going on this fall with my sister's wedding, me looking for a new job - not to mention that I'm already on the schedule to work at Manship several times throughout the rest of September.

So i was just going to HELP. Well. By the end of the second night of auditions (Monday), i was hooked. Love the script (or what I'd heard at auditions) & LOVED the actors. This was the best turnout I think I've ever seen at an audition. Not as in how many people. But just as in how many GOOD people! Love when that happens - when you could have cast it 4 ways (although that makes it hard when you have to cut people). Everyone was great. Truly. One particular person was just brilliant. I could watch/listen to her all day. She got our lead role. She was FLAWLESS! All the other roles - they all are fantastic, too. I love the cast... & we have a lot of new people & I LOVE new people getting involved at BRLT. LOVE IT! I want them to experience & fall in love with the place just as I have. It is a magical place. For real. (I know that's cheesy. But it's true!)

So i told the director I wanted to stage manage but didn't know how that was possible! He looked at my calendar & said he could do without me for those days that I'm scheduled to work at the Manship. And that he would get someone else to cover the last weekend (which is my sister's wedding weekend). So...okay, you twisted my arm, I'm in!

But the next day, reality hit & i started to worry that I had lost my ever-loving mind. I was already hooked, REALLY wanting to do this show & not believing how bad the timing is! So when i got to the theater for the read-thru, I said, "So. Who is your REAL stage manager?" & he laughed & said, "um, that would be YOU." :) I let him know my worries but he assured me he'd be fine without me at every rehearsal. He also said that if it gets to be too much with everything going on & if i had to say, "I gotta walk away from this," then that would be fine & he would totally understand. That was super nice of him & I am IN! I feel excited about it! LOVE me some theater!

So i'm doing a show & I had no idea until after the second day of auditions. COOL!

So this past week?!

Sunday - Auditions
Monday - Auditions
Tuesday - Zumba (i know...once a week is not going to get it!).
Wednesday - Read-thru
Thursday - take coworker to dinner (she's getting married).
Friday - RELAX!

Yeah. It's been busy. And work? Work has been INSANE. Absolute insanity. And i know. I could just sit back, fold my arms & say "What are they going to do if i don't do this? Fire me???" Since i'm losing my job. But it doesn't work that way, people. You cannot just be like that! You still have to WORK!! (I say this because everytime i've said "oh my gosh, i have soooo much to do at work!" I get the response that i should just do whatever i want since i'm leaving anyway). I don't get that concept - you should still work hard! But that's not the point either. The point is that if i DON'T do this work, then if I leave before our last day (the 14th), then it's going to fall on someone else's shoulders - & that is not fair to them. Also, it will totally mess up some of our clients - & it's not their fault this is happening.  Does that make sense? Yeah. It cannot be left alone! And i am the only one who knows how to do this stuff! 

This is why i have just NOT been able to blog lately. I can't at work because i don't have any time & at night, well - i haven't been home until it's time to fall into bed!

Still looking for a job. The interview I went on went well, but I didn't get the job. They said they'd call by the end of the week & i did not get a call, so i'm thinking it went to someone else. I AM OKAY WITH THIS. It wasn't "the one". God knows the job for me & He will make sure i get it! And the job that is in His plan for my life is the one that i want!!! So i'm not worried!

That said, i REALLY have to have a job by October 16th. I cannot NOT have a job. I know that i could find temp work at BRLT & Manship, but i have to have BENEFITS! Especially with all of my recent metabolic clinic visits. I have to. Not an option. Prayers please!

So, I am excited it's the weekend. Tonight - RELAX. Tomorrow - RELAX! Nothing on the calendar! Although we will go visit Granny (see my next post). Other than that, we will just be home relaxing. I may clean a dish or two. I might vaccuum. Other than that, i plan to finish the puzzle we're working on, read & nap! HA! (Oooh, and maybe walk the lakes. We're starting to have nice weather!)

Sunday will be busy, but it will be fine after a nice relaxing Friday night (now) & Saturday! I will have church, then work at the Manship from 1-4 & then at BRLT from 5-9. Woohoo!

Gotta run. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


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