Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 4: Mi Familia!

I realized that I forgot about my September Blog Challenge. Oops!

I am linking up with Katie to blog everyday in September.

{Day 4: Tell us about your family.} 

This includes the in-laws. I know not everyone adores their in-laws, but I kinda do. I got really lucky in that area of my life! (and by lucky, I mean blessed!)

This is one of my favorite shots from the wedding. Next to Brad are his parents & next to me are mine. I have known Brad's parents almost as long as I have known my own. Crazy! In fact, I grew up calling Brad's parents "aunt cheryl" & "uncle stan" because our families were so close! This had to change when we became a couple, so as not to confuse anyone...don't need them thinking me & Brad are cousins! HA! Anyway... I love my parents & my in-laws.

My mom & dad, Donna & Paul, are kind & generous, and always supportive of anything i want to do. They encourage me & often tell me they are proud of me. I love them so much.

My in-laws, Cheryl & Stan, are wonderful. As stated earlier, I kind of adore them. I love hanging out with them! Me & my MIL have a lot in common & could probably talk all day about books, movies & cooking... things we both love! :)

Brad & I both have 2 sisters. Jaimie (Brad's sister) is my age & Michelle (my sister) is Brad's age! Got all that? Me & Jaimie are 33 & Brad & Michelle are 36. (Gah, we are all getting old!)

I am sure they would love me for posting this pic! Haha. Here they are goofing off before the wedding. What is funny is that while Brad & I are similar in personality & temperament, so are Michelle & Jaimie. They are both very outgoing, never-met-a-stranger types. They both are funny & good at taking charge in any situation (read: bossy). Just kidding, i mean that in a good way, actually. If you ever have an emergency, you would be glad to have one of them with you...they are good at taking action! I love them both very much!

Here's a pic of our sisters from my birthday last year. :)

Jaimie & Michelle - 2010

Hope you enjoyed meeting my family!

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