Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 7 - Vacation

Doing the September Blog Challenge with Katie!


This is definitely, without a doubt, our honeymoon. For obvious reasons... 

1- First vacation with a boy. A boy (man) who happened to be the love of my life!

2- 2 days at a bed & breakfast & then 7 days & nights on a cruise? Yes, indeed.
3 - There were aspects of planning a wedding that brought a little drama to the whole process. I am a ZERO-drama kinda girl, so this was frustrating & upsetting! There was some stress also - i was NOT meant to be a wedding planner! To have all of that behind me (even though the wedding & some of the planning was great!) was bliss.
4 - Exchanging husband/wife gifts on the first morning as husband & wife at the lovely bed & breakfast. We meant to do it on the wedding day & it didn't happen - this was so much better.

5- Cozumel. We LOVED Cozumel.

 6- Gorgeous weather!

7 - A crystal clear see-straight-to-the-bottom ocean!

8 - An excursion in Cozumel called Passion Island, which was a small private-ish island with an all-you-can-eat mexican buffet & bar, HAMMOCKS, perfect weather & the beach....um...yes, please?!

9 - 24 hour ice cream stations... calories don't count on your honeymoon!

10 - Our first road trip (to the cruise ship in Galveston TX) with the new husband!

{SIGH.} Can we go back?!?

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