Thursday, September 1, 2011

Introduce Yo'self!

Today is Day 1 of Katie's blog challenge. I felt like joining in!

I'll be blogging something each day in September for this challenge.
Wanna join? Head to Katie's & link up!

{Day One: Introduce Yourself}

Um... hi. I'm Melissa. 

A whole lot of my friends call me Mel, instead of Melissa. I get Lissa a lot, too.

I'm *cough*33*cough*, but I don't feel like I am!

I have no kids yet. Except for my husband & my dog. Ha!

I work at a place called Capital Area Agency on Aging... yeah, that's a mouthful! That job ends very soon! More about my job later on in this challenge...

For the last 5 years, I have been bigtime involved in the local theatre. I perform sometimes, but mostly I work as Stage Manager. And i LOVE IT. It's the hardest job at the theatre that there is (in my humble opinion!), but also very fun & rewarding! I love watching a show come together, from the casting to opening night!

Another huge part of my life is my weightloss journey. I've been at it for AWHILE now, but am just starting to actually lose the weight (not for lack of trying, trust me!). I blog about that journey here if you want to check it out! 

I recently went back to the church where i grew up. I went there from age 9 to age 26 & then left for 4 years. We just went back (now, with a husband) & it's crazy how much it's changed since i left! Mostly, all those kids i taught jr high sunday school? Yeahhhh...they're now in college. Some are newlyweds. It's scary.

I have TONS of friends & feel very lucky in that area. Blog friends, theatre friends, work friends, church friends & then those lifelong friends, the ones that have remained a huge part of my life, even with all of life's transitions. Lots of good girlfriends in my life!

Speaking of friends, my best friend is my husband. If you are waiting for yours, you really should read my love story (see tab, above!). It is a good story & how waiting for the right one is SO worth the wait! I absolutely love married life. Nothing like living with your best friend! It's like a never-ending sleepover! I love him!

I make a lot of goofy faces. My husband calls it my silly putty face! HA!

This is me on our honeymoon. I love this picture. I was SOOO HAPPY, YA'LL!!!

Nice to meet ya!

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