Saturday, September 24, 2011

The job hunt.

So... about work. As you may know, I have to have a new job by mid-October. My job is ending October 14th. That is the last day, whether I have a new job or not. If i have a new job by the 17th, i will be thrilled. If i can start it around the 19th? Even better! I would not mind a couple days off in between. But we shall see.

I am pretty excited to be starting a new chapter of my life. It's weird. When i first heard the news, i was REALLY upset. I have really started to love my job as of January 2011. It just started getting a lot better with my new position, which i was promoted to in February 2010. It was still very stressful, but a different kind of stress. By the end of the year, I was loving my job a lot more. I had settled into it, built relationships with colleagues, etc. In March we moved to our new offices & after that it just became a really good place to work. Not everyone felt that way. But for me, it was pretty ideal. Nice new huge office? An entire wall of windows? Office BFF as office-mate? A boss who left me alone & just let me work?! IDEAL. :)

There were still the crazy insane this-is-ridiculous parts of my job, for sure. But the stress was a good stress. Stuff i could research & fix. I felt like I was making a difference. I felt respected there. I didn't dread going to work at all. And i thought things were getting better. 

But then it was announced that it was over. We would begin transitioning our clients to another company & by October 14th, the transition would be complete & we would no longer be employed there. Um...yikes!

So i was upset. But now? Now that i've gotten used to the idea? I'm excited. I'm ready to begin this new chapter & leave the old behind. I will definitely miss some people. And i am determined to stay in touch with a few of them!! But I'm looking forward to what God has for me next. And it's got to be bigger & better, right?

So i have had 2 interviews. The first one, we'll call Company A. It went well. It's a gorgeous facility, a little farther than i would like to drive, but GOOD. Everyone was super nice there. I didn't think i got the job. I was certain of it. I don't know why. I didn't say or do anything wrong, i don't think, but i just didn't feel it, i guess. 

Company B was this past week. On Wednesday. I already know two people that work there, one that i know put in a good word for me. This is also a nice facility. It's very new. The people i know who work there LOVE IT. It's a perfect location for me (well, perfect would be 5 minutes from home & it's not THAT! But it's still a good area for me). I absolutely love the girl i interviewed with. She was about my age & i felt like i just clicked with her. She actually reminds me a lot of my friend Susan, so maybe that is why i was comfortable with her. I also had to take a personality test! I was honest in it, so... yikes! Ha!

She was with HR, though. So she said that she would be giving resumes to the person who would be my boss if i were to be hired. If that person is interested then she will call me for a SECOND interview. EEK!

(I don't love interviews. Unfortunately, you have to go on one to get a job!)

I feel pretty sure I will get a call from them...unless i failed that test or something! Haha. 

Well, i just had a feeling that is where i am going to work. But then... as i was having lunch with my office besties on Thursday, my cell rang. I excused myself (we were finishing up anyway) & took the call. It was Company A! They said that they filled the other position with someone else, which didn't surprise me. But she went on to say that another position just opened up as executive secretary for the VP of (operations or something. Not of the whole company!). As she was telling me what the job would be, my mind was whirling. "oh, but i really liked company b... i wonder how much this one pays... is she offering me the job or i need to go back for an interview?" She ended by saying, "Now, the pay for this one is a little more than the other one you interviewed for...". My thoughts? "Wait. More???? What did she just say?" Because the other position was quite a bit more than i make now already. She told me how much & ... it's a lot of money to us. Might not be a big deal to some of you, but it is to us! And it would seriously help us to get out of debt & to save up for a house a lot quicker. So i was getting excited. She asked if i would be interested & i said i was. She said she'd give my resume to the VP guy on Monday & if interested, he would call me for an interview next week. 

So. Wow. Hmmmm. 

Company B did not say how much they would pay, nor do i know how their benefits are. I am assuming the benefits are good. But Company A sent me a spreadsheet listing their benefits & they are fantastic.

Company B will pay more than i make now, but i have no idea how much!

But money is not everything. I need it... i have been praying for an increase in our income, because we need it desperately! But there are certain things i'm just not going to do. Things that aren't worth it. I am not going to wear a skirt & heels every single day. And i'm not going to work for a total jerk. So. Next week I might have an interview with two potential bosses. I could kind of see if i click with them or how i think i would like working for them. I am praying for God's total wisdom in making a decision (if i am even offered a job at one of them!).

For some reason...despite the crazy-good salary.. I think i will end up with Company B! I just do. It's a feeling I have, but i don't know why I feel that way. It could totally not be the place for me. We will see. 

Either way, i am excited to see where God is leading me. 

So. That's the latest! Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

Speaking of PRAYERS! Thanks to those of you who prayed for Brad's Granny! Guess what!!!!? Her oncologist believes that we have her for a year or years, instead of weeks or months. The cancer he believes is from the breast cancer, and is not a new bone cancer. He thinks there is something we can do about it. PRAISE THE LORD!

{happy weekend}

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