Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pullet Boints

This is how we talk at home. Brad started it months ago & we can't stop. It is fun. It is funny. And I am now starting to think words sound backwards when they are actually being said correctly.
You already knew we were weird, right?

Anyway. Bullet points are always my favorite posts. People apologize when they write them, but then everyone comments that they love them! So. I do not apologize. I will just write freely. I hope you enjoy!

Third post tonight, by the way. I know I should schedule one for tomorrow! I never do that, though. Maybe i should! I personally read people's posts whether they post 5 in a day or once a day for 5 days. But I hear that not everyone does this. That you should spread your posts out a bit. Oh-well.


  • Saturday I will take my first photography class. Woohoo! I am kind of excited. Also scared that I will be tempted to sleep in & not go. But it's not until 10 am! I can make that, right? Surely! I will be so mad at myself if i do not go. It's free. It's a class. On photography. Taught by an actual photographer (so they say. I am assuming they are telling the truth.). So, yeah! Exciting!
  • I just joined Google Plus. I said I wouldn't. I said it would be too sad, because the whole reason i do facebook is to stay in touch with friends & family that I don't get to see all the time.  If I switch to Google Plus, what will I do if nobody is there? Tonight I decided to just try it (along with facebook) for a couple of weeks. I can decide which i like least & delete it. So far... I really like Google Plus. It's just like Facebook but a lot SIMPLER. And i need SIMPLE. My brain is going kind of crazy with all the stuff going on over at FB. It just is! Also, I am finding it nice to just start over somewhere else. No friends, nothing. Just start fresh. (Side note: I'm not leaving Facebook yet. And i may not, ever. Do not fret.)
  • I have a haircut appointment tomorrow. Yay!
  • I just finished The Covenant, by Beverly Lewis. SO GOOD! It took me a minute to get into it, but then I could not put it down. I already got the sequel, which is called The Betrayal. So good already! I also am reading NURTURE, by Lisa Bevere. I am participating in an online book club with some blogger friends. I feel bad, because we discuss the book on Facebook & I can't get on Facebook at work! But the book is very good & I will eventually get to participate in the FB discussions! Last, but not least, I am reading Embracing Your Freedom, by Susie Larson. Oh, wow. This book is really good. I actually am reading on my Kindle, but bought a copy of the book to give away on my blog. I will do that after i read it, though, so i can tell you about it! Susie was the speaker at the Beautiful Conference I went to in August. She is pretty amazing.
  • Work.Is.Crazy. If you didn't know, I lost my job. Or... will lose my job. Our last day is October 14th (unless we find a new job sooner). So, I am on the job hunt & have a LOT going on at work as well. We have to transfer all of our clients to another agency & it is a huge process! I am also busy wrapping up a lot of other things! CRAZY. It is a strange feeling knowing your life is going to be TOTALLY different in a matter of weeks. We're throwing a couple's shower for my sister & her fiance on October 15th. I was looking at the invitations i ordered & said, "yep. when we have this party, i will be finished at CAAA. Isn't that weird?" It is, because I have no idea where my new job will be! I am confident, though, that God has a great job in store for me!
  • My coworker Wendy is getting married Saturday & I am thrilled for her! She has found a great match & he is a great guy. :) It's going to be a private ceremony, so I will not be there. Still, i am super excited & happy for her. 
  • I saw Murphy & Jodi at Jason's Deli the other day. I was too chicken to say anything. To those of you who don't know... Murphy, Sam & Jodi are radio hosts. They have a local radio show in the morning that I listen to on the way to work a lot. I love them! Murphy & Jodi are married. I was sitting in Jason's Deli, eating dinner & addressing invitations. I spotted Jodi. Her husband was across from her, with his back to me. It was like seeing a celebrity. Except...they probably do not feel like celebrities! Ha! But they are, to me! I had just listened to them that morning! She saw me addressing invites. She passed my table & snuck a glance at them! Again, too chicken! But today i went to their Facebook & told them i saw them! HAHA! I am a dork. She wrote a sweet note back to me. (This is so funny. I feel like a groupie. I'm not. For the record.)
  • I Stage Managed twice this week (Sunday & Monday) & House Managed twice (Tuesday & Wednesday). Keith canceled rehearsal tonight, so i got an unexpected night off. Woohoo! It was SO NICE to just sit here on the couch & catch up on blogs. Husband made dinner! It was delish! :) 
  • I think I should write a post about what NOT to do in a theater. I'm not talking movie theater. I'm talking performing arts theater. People are rude! I'm pretty sure most do not realize they are being rude, but they are. I think people would so benefit from a post on "theatre etiquette"... or maybe they won't care. I might write it anyway. HA! (I've been meaning to do this for years, actually!)
Well, that's it for now. Lots of other things to say, but I will save it for another post! 
Hey! It's almost Friday!

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