Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well, it has just been storming like crazy over here!

Normally, I am such a homebody! But I guess since I was home sick for several days, I am ready to get out of here! We have not been on a date (just the two of us) in forever it seems like! And I really wanted us to go eat & to see "The Help" this weekend! Yesterday we stayed home all day in our pj's & it was lovely. It turned out to be an excellent day, even if we were stuck inside. And praise Jesus, we never lost power!! YAY!

I thought we'd get to have our date today after church. No such luck! We didn't even get to go to church! That makes me so sad, because we missed the last two Sundays due to sickness! :( We watched the news this morning, though, and they said it's best to stay inside if possible. Plus, the street at the end of our driveway is flooded.

Oh-well. Hopefully tomorrow? But the forecast looks like the weather will clear up just in time for WORK on Tuesday! Oh-well! At least we're off tomorrow! :) 

(This is incorrect...the "cloudy" is supposed to be for right now, but it is actually pouring!)

I bought a puzzle awhile back, but we never got a chance to work on it. Well, yesterday I finally got it out. I didn't think Brad would come do it with me, because he was busy working on some things, but he did & we are now almost done! Let me just say... in the past we've always gotten 1000 or 1500 piece puzzles & they take FOREVER. This was 500 pieces & while it was challenging (& still is... we have just the sky left now & it is HARD!), at least we'll be done today & it won't sit on the kitchen table for weeks! HA!

Isn't it pretty? Love it. 

I also made hamburger veggie casserole again, which i promise you is AMAZING. And these delicious wraps for lunch! 

His (with olives) & hers (with tomatoes). Also, topped with guacamole, chicken, shredded mozzerella & lettuce. Yum!!!

And the Tigers won! I know this is just....not normal of us! But we didn't watch the game. We never do. I mean, we do root for the tigers...in spirit....but we just have no interest in actually watching football. (I know, I know.) Still proud & happy they won, though!

Well, I guess that's it for now. There are tornado watches and things in the area until four, so maybe tonight we'll get our date. Or maybe tomorrow. One fantastic thing is that I am feeling 100% better. Still congested, but I'm thinking that's more allergies. I am feeling back to my old self! Ready to get back to Bootcamp & Zumba class! For real! :) 

Happy Sunday!

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