Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 Sandifer Family Reunion

Last Sunday was the Sandifer Family Reunion. It is held at Uncle Kenny (my MIL's brother) & Aunt Annette's house each year in October. We always have a great time. 

This was my 5th reunion. I went back in 1997, the first time Brad & I dated! I went again the year we were engaged, and this is my third one since we've been married. I really love that they have annual reunions. I believe this was the 44th or 45th one! Crazy! :)

Enjoy the pics! And, sorry for the picture overload! :)

 Jaimie & Brittany

 Uncle Lon looking at all the pics from the previous reunions!

 Aunt Reba, Amanda & Brittany

 Carolyn & Margie

 These two things were devoured!

 I love this picture of us, except for the silly name tags! HA! You can see Brad's baby blues! :) 

 Brothers Hayden & Zachary

 Lynde & Matt! So cute!

 Mrs. Cheryl, Jaimie, Hermalinda & me!

We also took pics of the different families. Sorry I can't give details! I am not clear on how everyone is related. Haha!

Then there are all the children/grandchildren pics...

 Uncle Lon - he's so sweet - the oldest of the bunch!




 "GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDCHILD" (Tucker - cutie patootie!)

And, the "out-laws" - hahaha. All of us who married into the family! :)

We had a wonderful time! Looking forward to next year!

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