Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I keep thinking that I should be in bed. But... I don't have work tomorrow! 

It hasn't hit me yet that I have no job. I got laid-off if you are just tuning in. We knew about 6 weeks in advance. Well, those weeks came & went, so Friday was my last day of work. It still has not hit me. I think i think I'm just on vacation. It's kinda nice. I predict reality will hit me next Monday. What do you think?

Today Brad was off too. He spent most of the day getting a virus off of my computer. He was not a happy camper! And y'all. I do not click on ANYTHING i shouldn't, ever! Sometimes these things just happen. Oh-well. It's fixed now. All is well.

I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I never got the obsession when everyone i knew was into it. I just wasn't. But a week or two ago I was home & felt like watching TV. I decided to start with Grey's from the beginning. Just finished the first season. I like!

A Streetcar Named Desire is going well. Considering we've lost two actors, I mean! Not their fault at all. Major life issues came up for both of them. Actually, i really wish i could tell you why Jeff is unable to do the show. It's a CRAZY story involving a cat. He probably wouldn't care if i told it here, but just in case...well... Let's just say Jeff is about to have Surgery #2. On his wrist. Because of a stupid CAT! Have you ever heard the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished"? Um, yes. That would be the quote of the month for poor Jeff. We did find someone to take the role for him, and for the lady that we lost also. So that is good. Perfect timing, since opening night is next Friday! Ack!

This past weekend was nice. We had a couple's shower in New Orleans for Michelle & Mike. It went very well! We had a great time. I was there at 9:30 am for my bridesmaids dress fitting. I love the dress! The blue is just gorgeous! I'm so excited & looking forward to the wedding!!! Michelle also treated me to a pedi! :)

So tomorrow i am going to a Zumba morning class! YAY! I haven't been able to go at night due to rehearsals, but now that i'm out of work, i can go in the morning. Then i should come home & clean the house. Should being the key word here. :)

I have so many posts I have been meaning to write. I will do it, eventually! 

Have a great week!

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