Thursday, October 6, 2011


I feel like I always start my posts out by apologizing. And here I go again! It's just a crazy time for me, and I hope you understand. One of these days I'll be blogging like a maniac again!

Some tidbits!

We went to see Courageous last Sunday & it was AWESOME. FANTASTIC. FABULOUS! Go see it! And bring the men in your life. Seriously. WOW. I am going to go into more detail about this in a future blog post!

I just finished #3 in Beverly Lewis' "Daughters of Abram" series. These books are AMAZING. Like an Amish Soap Opera. So kidding. But yeah. Lots going on for the Ebersol family! Anyway...they end on semi-cliffhangers, so you HAVE to get the next one. I had the actual book for 1-3, but for 4 I put it on my Kindle just so i could have it RIGHT AWAY. Well, now my Kindle won't come on. At all. I have no idea what is wrong. Sad-face. This also is why i haven't been able to read Nurture this week. It's an awesome book i'm doing for a book club with some girlfriends. Ack! Hopefully i will figure it out & get it to come on!

I still don't have a job, nor have I heard from anyone. SIGH. Please keep the prayers coming! I know God has the perfect fit for me!

I have been really enjoying stage managing A Streetcar Named Desire. Wow, what an intense show! Pretty dramatic! But it's so fun to do & I am mesmerized watching some of the actors take the stage. It's going to be fantastic, I think. We open in 3 weeks!

I really need some boots. Desperately. My feet are FREEZING these days, and it's not even 50 degrees yet. Ha! Well, i'm normally freezing inside. Outside weather has been beautiful! But at work and the theater, they have the a/c on too high or something! I am not a cold-natured person, but i've been bringing a sweater! I mostly have open-toe shoes. Other than that, i have flats, but you can't wear socks with flats! (Well, I guess you can...but shouldn't!)

I actually did wear socks with them yesterday. But they were trouser socks. I was desperate!


I bought myself a massage with that money i won for losing weight. I have had one pro massage in my life & it was about 6 years ago. I'm due! If I get it in late November, it would be right after I wrapped Streetcar, right after Michelle's wedding, after I've finished the job hunt (hopefully!!!) & after I've lost some more weight (again, hopefully!). So at that point i will be very much in need of one! :)

I could honestly use one now, but whatever.

I got my $100 massage for $39 on Living Social. It's kind of like Groupon. I love those things!!! So i still had plenty leftover from my $125 prize. :)

What else? Well. Tomorrow is Friday. YAY! I have to work at the Manship after i get off of my regular work. But Saturday is mostly free! I am going to bootcamp & to my friend Charlynn's for dinner. I'm going to help her run lines for a show she is in. And Sunday! Sunday, we have a family reunion & i am very excited. I love those! Haha!

Well... just wanted to let you all know i am still alive. :)

As my friend charlynn says... "love on your little heads!" hahaha.

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