Saturday, October 1, 2011

I won, I won!

This is the kind of thing I normally share on my weightloss blog. And i did. But i had to share it here, too, because I'm pretty pumped! :) 


I am The Biggest Loser! YEAH!

Since July, we have been weighing at work every Friday. All participants had to put in $10 to play, and everytime you gain more than 1 pound, you had to pay a dollar. Whoever lost the most weight, won the money. And that person was ME! :) 

My friend, Wendy, took pics with her iphone.

And my Office BFF got 2nd Place! Yeah!

My prize money was $125. WAHOO!

I am not sure how i plan to spend it. I would like a massage. Seriously. I haven't had a professional one in about 5 or 6 years. And it just sounds heavenly to me. 

But i also need clothes. And to pay for bootcamp, which starts this Monday. And i would like our traditional fall photo shoot! So... not sure what to do! Will hold on to it until I decide! :) 

As far as work goes, i'm still at CAAA & am not sure where I will end up. 2 weeks from Monday is the 17th. The Friday before it is the 14th & our official last day at CAAA. Must have new job by then! Or at least know that i HAVE a job by then, even if i can't start it right away! Prayers please! I have an interview Monday but i'm not sure about it at all. Have heard some negative things, plus it's too far from me! But I'm going anyway. Pray i get a second interview with the other companies where I interviewed!! :) 

Happy weightloss win to me!!! Now, i just gotta KEEP GOING! I have a lot of work to do still!

I lost 5.something of my body weight, though. Which is exciting!!! :)

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