Saturday, October 1, 2011

a lovely weekend...& some invitation horror!

Fall is in the air! I love love LOVE it! Beautiful October! 

October means no more horrible humidity. Well, i guess it could happen! But mostly it's chili & gumbo & soup & cinnamon & outdoor fun. Because before October, it is just too hot & gross out! Today was GORGEOUS! We met my parents & my sister, Michelle, at La Madeleine's. They have a great breakfast! We ate our breakfast outdoors, which i LOVE! :) After that, the guys (my hubby & my dad) went home & us gals went shopping.

First stop. The Queen Bee. My sister ordered her wedding invitations from RSVP Stationery Store on Magazine Street in New Orleans. I mention their name because I think brides should be warned. She has had a HORRIBLE experience. The wedding is in 6 weeks & the woman at RSVP was the definition of TERRIBLE customer service. The invitations have been promised to Michelle over & over, and still were not in. Not only that but she wouldn't return Michelle's calls or emails. My sister was at her wit's end, not knowing what to do & finally told her she must have them within the hour, or she would have to find invitations elsewhere. The woman dropped them off on Michelle's doorstep. Michelle was so thankful, assuming all was well now, despite the rough start. She told me she figured the woman would come through for her in the end. She had seen the proof & approved it, after all.

Well, she & mom began assembling the invitations last night & much to their dismay, they were WRONG! Only about ten of them were like the one she proofed...everything after that was wrong! Can you believe?! 

Let's go over the mistakes, shall we?

-The name of the reception hall was misspelled.
-The bride's parent's names were CUT OFF of them!
-They capitalized the word "presence" in the middle of a sentence (& other things like that)
-The addresses on the envelopes were incorrect! Guests names with the wrong addresses!!!!! 
There were a one or two other things that The Queen Bee noticed too. Believe it or not.

THANKFULLY, she had not paid for them yet! To me, that is somebody looking out for her! :) Just a tiny relief about this whole thing. This woman has been horrible & after Michelle sent her an email, she wrote back "i'm at the store now, would you like me to reprint them?" That's it. No apology, nothing. Um, NO THANK YOU! I think you have crossed the line! How about we take our business elsewhere!?

We went to The Queen Bee in Baton Rouge. They did the invitations for my wedding & everything was perfect. They are WONDERFUL. And today, they did not disappoint. We were there as soon as they opened & they were SO NICE & helpful. Michelle picked out new invitations but was still going to use the vellum from the old invites on top of these new ones. She had designed them & loved them. Well, guess what? There were only 80 of them! So not only did the RSVP store ruin the invitations but they shorted her on the vellum! It was like they threw it all in a box, putting the good ones on top & assuming she wouldn't notice. Which is really sad, that they would be okay with a bride sending out something looking like that!

Michelle cried in The Queen Bee when she realized there were only 80. It was awful. I felt so bad for her. She is not a crier. It was just the LAST STRAW. The woman had been cruel to her... it wasn't an honest mistake. It was TOTAL DISREGARD, unprofessionalism & rudeness. I couldn't believe it. 

The Queen Bee ladies, Katie & Andrea, were so sweet about it all! We left with smiles on our faces hugging their necks! And the invites will be ready next week! Yay!

Anyway. After that, things got better. We went to Merci Beau coup (one of my favorite stores). Then we went to the Mall of Louisiana. We hit Dillards & mama bought all three of us dresses for the rehearsal dinner! I also got two shirts for work! Yay! Michelle got a dress for the bridesmaid's tea at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans. It is PERFECT, i wish I had a pic!! I told Michelle it was MADE for her to wear to the Ritz! Haha. Perfect! :) 

We headed to Macy's & I saw a really nice shirt in the men's department for $14. Got it for Brad, along with some pants that were also on sale. He was in desperate need! After Hallmark, we had lunch at Chic-fil-a & then we went home. Whew! I am so tired, but SO thankful I got to have some time with my sister & mom! Love them!

So now i am home, relaxing with my husband. Had a good time with him & his family last night. I was supposed to work at the Manship, but my boss called me just before I left the house & said i didn't have to come! Not enough audience for 2 house managers. YAY! I went to my in-laws & spent the evening with them! :) We had dinner & facials - haha. My sis-in-law, Jaimie, sells Mary Kay & she gave me, her mom & her friend facials just for fun! :)

Tomorrow after church, I have to work a show at the Manship. It will be easy... a kid's show about science. Dr. Kaboom. I worked his show last year... he's pretty cool! After that, Brad & I are going to see Courageous with a bunch of people from church! Can't wait! 

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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