Monday, October 31, 2011



  • I'm in love with ketchup.
  • I can't stop noticing people's pretty painted fingernails. If only I could stop biting mine!
  • I am liking my hair in it's natural color. I've been highlighting for 11 years, I had no idea if i would like it. But i do! Very much. And it's so much cheaper!
  • Job searching is annoying. I've applied to over 30 jobs. I am a GOOD HARD WORKER! But nobody knows it. They're not even calling me for an interview! And i have amazing reference letters! Come on!
  • That said, I still like being off. It's nice. Very very very nice. Wonderful, actually.
  • Beverly Lewis books + Grey's Anatomy = 2 things keeping me from what i should be doing.
  • Halloween is my least favorite "holiday". Mainly because i hate coming up with costume ideas. In my entire life, i've dressed as something for halloween once. For a party in the 11th grade, I think. I was a clown. Or a bunny? I forgot. Anyway, i don't like thinking of costumes. It's just too much trouble. I have carved a pumpkin once & it was really cute. That was 4 years ago.
  • I do not care if you celebrate Halloween. It honestly doesn't matter to me, not even a little bit. If you think it's evil - fine. If you think it's wonderful - fine! I really do not care!
  • I sometimes want to log off of facebook during football season. I care about football only a little more than i care about halloween. (I can appreciate it... I just don't enjoy watching it!)
  • Is it strange that on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey is probably my least favorite character???? I don't hate her, i just like the others so much better. 
  • My dog is currently getting on my nerves. It's only a matter of time before i pick up the spray bottle....... 
  • Hubby took off work today. I love him.
  • My sister's wedding is in less than three weeks. Yipee!
  • Brad's Granny has taken a turn for the worse. She will be gone very soon. I am sad. :(
  • I am learning that sometimes you don't get what you desperately, desperately want. It's not fair. It is okay for me to say that. It's just not fair.
  • I wish I could keep ingredients in this house so that I could cook whenever the mood struck me.
  • I miss singing. 
  • I want one of those bathtub thingies that will hold a book for you. I told hubby that this morning and he said, "But i would never see you again!" Hahaha.
  • Other wish list items? The new Kelly Clarkson cd (please tell me it's good), the new Kari Jobe cd, earrings of all kinds, any cookware by Rachael Ray or Calphalon, a new set of sheets, and um... that's good for now!
  • Blog friends keep getting to meet other bloggers. I WANNA MEET A BLOG FRIEND!!!!


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