Monday, October 24, 2011

My weekend...

Well, hello there. Been awhile, ain't? Sorry... that is Amish talk. I am becoming a bit too obsessed with my Beverly Lewis novels. :) 

Things have been going well. I am out of work. And enjoying it! But this will not last... the enjoyment will fade when we start having to dip into our savings, which I don't want to do! So far we haven't had to do it. My last check from work was a good one! And I've been getting income in from my part-time job at the Manship. But I am going to need a job very soon. I am still sending out my resume. It will happen. God's got it under control!

This past weekend was great. We had Friday & Saturday off of theater. On Friday, I worked at the Manship for a fiddling duo. They are a husband and wife team & were too cute!

Natalie McMaster & Donnell Leahy

The folksy thing isn't really my style of music, but i still appreciated it because they were GOOD. They had two piano players as well, who blew me away. But i really enjoyed Natalie & Donnell talking, because they were adorable. They said the short version of their romance was, in Natalie's words, "We met, we dated for 2 years, we broke up for 10 & then we got married". Haha! Sounds kind of like my own love story, so i was curious to hear more details. :) 

Down the hall was a birthday party for two 13 year old girls... I was glad to not be house managing that event! Ha! (Although I heard it was a very sweet group of teens.)

There was a wedding reception on the terrace and i saw the bride! Love when that happens. :) Beautiful!

On Saturday, I was off all day, unexpectedly. Tech rehearsal was scheduled for all day that day, but it was canceled & rescheduled for Sunday. So Saturday I relaxed & also did some theater things that needed to be done this week. Paperwork type stuff! Brad went to his parents all day to help fix their computer (again!) & I got a call at lunch to see if i wanted to come over. I went over & had a delicious lunch of homemade chicken soup. It was SOOO good! I spent some time with them and then went home again to get some more work done. Well, at supper time, i got another call! Haha! And had dinner over there as well. More country cookin' from my mother-in-law. DELISH!

Sunday we didn't go to church. I needed to be at the theater by noon & still had plenty of work to do! Got to rehearsal at noon & left at 10:30 pm. Woah. It was a very good tech. It went quickly & smoothy with no major issues. Yay!

Tonight & tomorrow are our last two rehearsals without an audience! Eek! It is going to be fabulous, though! I wish I had some pictures, but I didn't think i'd have time to take any (and i didn't!). Although.. I do have a few silly ones to show. 

On Thursday we had headshots... where we take pics of the cast for a display in the lobby and to go in the playbill. Davis, the photographer, used me for practice at first. 

If they put the stage manager's headshot in the playbill... this would be the one. Totally.

Or this one. :) Except I'm not fond of that wave I got going on by my eye...it looks better in person... i think?

Then, as we were waiting for the last actor to arrive for his headshot, C.Jaye & I posed for some pics! I love C. Jaye! I did a show with her years ago,  and then she moved off to Oklahoma for school. I did not realize she just graduated & came back! It was a happy surprise to see her at auditions! I had no idea she was back in town. Sadly, she is moving to Chicago right after the show is over. I LOVE this girl! She is hilarious & adorable & fun & all that good stuff. 

And we got a little silly too...

I was trying to do the "mel face" here, but couldn't stop laughing!

Thanks, Davis, for the pics!

So, it was a great weekend...and now I'm ready to start a show! Well... not actually "ready". I think I need a couple more rehearsals first! Haha! But i am excited!

Have a great week!

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