Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire at BRLT. That's what has had me busy these days. I am absolutely loving it &, even though I myself knew i was crazy for it... with everything else I had/have going on... I am so glad that i decided to stage manage this show. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Seriously. I am in love. I love the cast. I love the crew. I love the show (as tragic as it may be). I love the actors. I love how some actors started off amazing and stayed amazing. And how other actors got better & better with each rehearsal until they blew me away. I love the lighting design. I love that even the minor characters just MAKE the show. I love the details. I love that we have live music throughout. I love that i have so many light and sound cues (keeps me busy & on my toes!). I love that i get to sit in the sound booth instead of the light booth (which always feels too far away for me). I love that the audience last night was amazing! I love that nobody left at second intermission, even though it's kind of long. I love that Brad came last night & really enjoyed it. I love Keith, who is an amazing easy director to work with. I love that Keith & Emily (lighting designer) & Chris (set designer) all trust me & think I can handle anything (even when I'm not so sure of myself). I love it all!

Do you hear me? I am LOVING it. It's a shame that I will miss the last weekend. I am SUPER excited about my sister's wedding, but I just wish the play was not scheduled at the same time. :) Oh-well. We have someone who will sub for me that last weekend while I'm in New Orleans having fun with the family for wedding festivities!

Anyway. Yeah. It's good, y'all. Good. We got a lot of great feedback last night after the show. 

That was preview night & the preview night audience is generally very supportive, because it's all friends & family. Tonight is pay-what-you-can night, which is kind of the same way. Friends & family come to that one when they can't afford to buy tickets (which i understand!). Then, Friday is opening night. Eek!

If you are bored & want a new way to spend some evenings, you should volunteer at your local theater. See how it all works. So much more goes into putting on a show than most people even realize. And it's great fun & so fulfilling! 

Today, my husband took off of work & we're having a lovely morning already. I love him.

Well, it's almost Friday. :) Have a great weekend!

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