Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I've Been Doing Lately

  • Sleeping in. Which usually  means only 8:00 or so, but it's oh-so-lovely to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock!
  • Watching Grey's Anatomy. I'm now on Season 2. Addiction. I have never understood why people loved the show so much. I have no idea why, seeing as how i had never watched it. Well, I am now. And I like it!
  • Applying for jobs. Still. Oh, what fun! My gripe is that places want you to upload your resume AND fill out an application. I wish you'd let me type "see resume", so i don't have to type the same thing over & over & over, but then you won't let me click "submit" until I've filled it out correctly! So annoying & a time waster! (Thanks to the companies that have the whole auto-fill thing down & fill it all out automatically once I've uploaded my resume!)
  • Reading Blogs. Finally catching up on this. Loving it, too. :)
  • Getting organized. This is about theater. I retyped my script & put circle stickers for any light or sound cue. This is necessary when you have 78 light cues & 10 sound cues! :)I would show you a picture of my very organized script, but I am too lazy to get up for my camera. ;)
  • Cooking! Okay, not really. My apologies. But I did cook pork chops, mashed sweet potatoes & squash (just like my mother-in-law makes it) the other night! All was so delish! I need to decide what to cook next!
  • Keeping up with housework! :) 
  • Reading.
  • Taking long hot baths. 
  • Stage Managing a fantastic show!

Ahhh. Not working is so nice. I kind of feel like I'm on vacation (other than the laundry & applying for jobs part!). Although I do have to work at the Manship tomorrow at 7:30 AM. I forgot what it's like to have to be somewhere that early! Eek! :) 

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