Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I can hardly wait!

So remember in my last post where I mentioned that my BBFF called? 

BBFF = Bloggie Best Friend Forever. I'm a dork. I know it.

Anyway, I mentioned that we have been friends online for 6 years. We met on MySpace when it was cool & the rest is history! She blogs at A Hearty Overflow - check her out! But yeah - she called me last week! She had gotten an email from me where I poured out my heart about some frustrations I am dealing with & instead of writing me back, she just called me. 

Our first phone conversation in our 6 year friendship.

This is a girl who i consider one of my BEST friends... even though I've never actually met her in person. Ha!

She did call me once & left me a voicemail. And I was too chicken to ever call her back! I know. Ridiculous! And that was a long time ago.

So anyway, yeah. She called me! And it wasn't really awkward! And then we talked about 5 more times that same day! Or maybe it was the next day?! It's all fuzzy now. But she kept calling because we were trying to finalize details...for me to go visit her in Pennsylvania!!!

Laura & I have been wanting to meet in person forEVER. She was going to come last year, but her sister ended up getting married & she had to save money for a plane ticket to Florida instead.

So then she was going to come down here early next year. But something got her to thinking that it would be cheaper to fly me up there & let me stay with her. And it'd be better for us to do this NOW while I'm still out of a job. Because once I have one, i am not going to want to take time off right away, you know? 

So the flight has been booked & on December 1st, I am on my way to meet THIS beautiful family!

Oh, dear. It is going to be hard not to take one of her kids back home with me... 

Anyway! I am EXCITED!

Also! Since I have known Laura, I have somehow ended up reading the blogs of some of her friends. Kim, Rainey & her sis-in-law, Kate. So I am going to get to meet them, too!! 

Crazy fun!

{23 days! Yes!!!!}

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