Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's wedding week (& other stuff)

Feeling a little better today. Feeling a little bit of peace about the things I am going through. Must be because of all of the prayers! Seriously... I got so many comments & emails & i really appreciate each one of you for your thoughtfulness. I wish I could hug every single one of you!

Yesterday was good. I got up, got myself dressed & went to have lunch with my old coworker, Tonya. Poor thing. She was not laid off as the rest of us were, but now all of her friends are gone & she is kind of miserable! We had a great time eating lunch today & it was free (she had a Groupon to Roly Poly, so that is where we went. LOVE Groupon!). I ran into one of my best friends, Shana, there, too! Yay!

I had some errands to run after that. I have had 2 of my dresses & 2 of Brad's slacks in a bag in the living room for who knows how long... just waiting for a trip to Kean's.  I had a Groupon there, too! (Did i mention that I love Groupon?) Took care of that, and then headed to Macy's to exchange some pants that I got for Brad.

Stopped at Hobby Lobby for some cards for our pastors (Hey! It's Pastor Appreciation Month ... or week ... or something! Let them know they're appreciated!) & some cards for the cast & crew of Streetcar - something I do at the end of each show. I can't go next week, but will stop by BRLT & drop them off before the weekend. I could have gone crazy in Hobby Lobby, but I made a beeline for the door. After paying, of course! I do NOT have money to spend on Christmas right now! 

Confession: I stopped at Sonic on my way home for a Recee's Blast, no whip cream. UM...other than a few sprinkles on top? There were NO ACTUAL RECEES!!!!! Literally, NONE. I would have gone back, but I was already well on my way home. (This is probably payback, because I am not supposed to be eating things like Recees!)

Today I am up early & my dog... who has been quite annoying all morning... has finally settled down. He's curled up & sound asleep on the back of the couch. I am actually going to make it to Zumba class this morning. At least, it looks like I am. One can never tell if I'll really make it out the door! But i need to go! I must!

And this weekend holds some excitement! I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow I will run some last minute errands...including a mani & pedi.

Thursday I will drive up to New Orleans with my mom. We have to pick up Tiffanie & Joe at the airport (my sister's BFF & husband) & then we'll head to our hotel!

Thursday night is the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. My husband will be riding up with my dad (assuming everything stays the same with Granny...).

On Friday, we have our Bridesmaid's Tea at the Ritz-Carlton at 3:00 in the afternoon. Late that evening we are going to a Jazz Bar for a very mini-bachelorette "party" (I say this in quotes because it will be very low-key...which I like.).

And then the next day? Saturday? Is the wedding day! Brad will drive up with my dad (again, assuming all is still the same with Granny... & if it isn't, I'll hopefully be able to make the trip back to BR for the funeral, depending on when that is...). The girls will gather in the bridal suite at noon for the beginnings of hair & makeup. And then we'll have a beautiful wedding! Did i mention it's at St. Louis Cathedral?!!?! Traditional thing with the groom's family. His parents & grandparents were married there. I'm pretty excited!

It should be a wonderful time! And there will be lots of pictures!

Oh, and Brad will spend the night that night & on Sunday we plan to go to the New Orleans Zoo. I haven't been in FOREVER! Our anniversary is on Monday, by the way! Three years!

Hope your day is lovely!

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