Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Walkin' around the Quarter & Hello, room service!

On Friday, we had a Bridesmaid's Tea scheduled at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans. First, though, mom & I headed out to find me some new shoes. The ones I had packed KILLED my feet at the rehearsal dinner & I needed to wear them again with my dress for the bridesmaid's tea. We didn't find anything... but we had fun having lunch at Margaritaville & I snapped pictures as we were walking. Kinda fun!

 One of many horses waiting to take someone on a tour. We saw a bride in one, headed to the chapel! I couldn't get a pic in time!

 I love the French Market. We didn't get to hang around... maybe next time. This is where you shop!

 Taken from the balcony of Margaritaville. Typical New Orleans scene.

 Delicious food here. We both got salads. Kinda wanted a cheeseburger. Haha! No margaritas, either... which my sister said is a crime to go there & not get one. Well... I kind of hate margaritas. They're gross. Besides, we had a tea to go to in a few hours!

We didn't go here either! Cafe Du Monde!! We meant to, but never had time! Yummy beignets... Mmmm. Again, maybe next time! :)

Later that evening, mom & I got room service for dinner!
 I could not get over these adorable condiments. Hmm...adorable & condiments...two words I've never used in a sentence together! But, so cute!

 I obviously did not eat very well on this mini-trip. But you knew that already. That was one delicious hamburger!

 View from the 49th floor of the Sheraton! That was actually the bridal suite. Mom & I were on the 36th floor.

Another view of the city!

Next up... the bridesmaid's tea! So fun!

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