Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NOLA Wedding Weekend: Wedding Day!

The wedding day was a hard day for me. I really REALLY wanted Brad to be there & had prayed for that all week. He was going to come, but at the last minute was told his Granny was going to take her last breath any minute. And so, he decided to stay. I was extremely disappointed... I just wanted to share the day with him for Michelle's wedding. And I also wanted to be with him when his Granny died. I spent a lot of the day in tears. I am so thankful that my sister was understanding of my feelings on her big day. She was so sweet about everything.

The good news is, we still had fun. I put on a happy face & once the photographer got there, things started flying by & I had a great time. :) 

Michelle was BEAUTIFUL.

Gettin her hair did! :) 

Kinda blurry, but I like it. ;) 

Isn't she lovely!

Me & my sister! I love our dresses! 

Tiffanie & Michelle... they are so silly together!

There we go...

 Kelly, Tiffanie, Jennifer & Katelyn...beautiful!

 me & tiff!

Jennifer & Katelyn!

My favorite part was walking from the hotel to the limo. There were lots of people in the hotel lobby & they all started clapping & cheering! Ha! One lady yelled, "Go get your man, girl!" It was hilarious!

The limo ride to the cathedral was fun, too. I can't believe I didn't take a pic of the Cathedral...it is pretty amazing. I got the next two pics from doing a google search...

This is a pic Michelle's friend Gina took at the wedding. Kind of blurry but it's one of my favorites anyway! I can't wait to see the pro pics!

It was one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have ever been to. I loved it. It was a catholic wedding & my family is not catholic. I was very thankful for the Best Man, Alan, who whispered to me when I was supposed to bow & all that! Haha!

I absolutely loved the priest. He gave a wonderful sermon for the ceremony...one about a Christ-centered marriage. I wish I could remember all that he said, because it was perfect.

The photographer, Aaron of Eye Wander Photo (who I think is amazing), took lots of shots of us in front of the cathedral. I can't wait to see those!

After that, we headed to the reception in a Limo Bus! Nice!

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