Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, how pinteresting!


I've been doing a lot of pinning this week. It's so fun! Time to share some things I've been pinning lately! You should do it too & link up at The Vintage Apple!

Most of you know that I love to cook! Here are two things I will be making very soon!

Crockpot Tomato-Basil Parmesan Soup? Yes, please!

                                                                       Source: 365daysofcrockpot.com via Melissa on Pinterest

Rolo Cookies! 4 ingredients? I will be trying these tomorrow! :)

                                                                    Source: sixsistersstuff.blogspot.com via Melissa on Pinterest

I laughed at myself when i made a "projects & crafts" board on Pinterest. Some people have incorrectly called me "creative"... well, I'm an artsy type, but I am not very crafty. Haven't been since I quit scrapbooking 4 years ago! But since pinterest, I have been inspired to try some crafty things!  Here are some of the things I'd like to try... 

Cute Snowman Ornament!
                                                                        Source: redo101.blogspot.com via Melissa on Pinterest

And look at this fun little "wreath"!
                                                                       Source: bluecricketdesign.net via Melissa on Pinterest

I also want to try something like this for my new office!
                                                                                    Source: etsy.com via Melissa on Pinterest

I have a "beauty & style" board, too. I really need accessories. Especially earrings!
These are cute, and me!
                                                                             Source: fredflare.com via Melissa on Pinterest

I am in love with these, too.
                                                                            Source: laylagrayce.com via Melissa on Pinterest

And I love love love this dress! That periwinkle has to be my favorite color.

Well, I guess that's enough for today! :) What did you find on pinterest this week!?

P.S. If you have been under a rock these days, and have no clue what pinterest is, it's just a place where you can find ideas & steal them & pin them to your own bulletin boards! It's pretty cool! Comment your email address if you'd like me to send you an invite!

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