Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RIP Granny. (1931-2011)

Well, Brad's Granny went home to be with Jesus late last night. 

Granny was diagnosed with breast cancer ... I guess a couple of years ago now. It eventually spread to her lungs. I can't remember where else. But almost four weeks ago now, she went to the hospital because she had some major back pain. The doctors said normally that would be a ruptured disc or something, but given her history with cancer, they did an x-ray. And the cancer had spread to her spine. At that point, there is nothing they can do. They sent her home with pain medicine & Hospice stepped in. She has been in the guest bedroom at Brad's Uncle Cliff & Aunt Paula's since that time. We've been over there several times since then. It's been a bittersweet time of gathering with the family. 

I love that family. I cannot even express to you how much. 

Anyway, I am so glad Brad & I saw her before she slipped into a coma. I believe I shared this already, but I want to put it here. She told Brad how proud of him she was. How wonderful it has been to watch him grow up. And how happy she was to see him marry "this beautiful woman". She paused & said, "You are a blessed man" (because he married me!) & he said, "Oh, i know it." She said, "You better know it!" It was her spunky personality coming out even on her death bed. It was sweet. And I'll never forget it. I held her hand & we put ice chips in her mouth. I love that woman. 

She slipped into a coma over the weekend, and Brad missed my sister's wedding in New Orleans because Hospice believed that she would be taking her last breath that day. It was a very hard weekend... we both felt torn, separated from each other during a joyous occasion (michelle's wedding) & a hard one (granny dying). But we made it through & couldn't believe she made it a few more days. 

But last night we got the call. On our anniversary day. We hurried over & spent a lot of time in the bedroom with her still there. It was tough, but wonderful being surrounded by this great family. 

Sorry to go on & on. Granny is one of those very special people. She is the last of Brad's grandparents to leave this life. We are so happy for her, because she was READY & willing to go be with her Lord. But of course it's sad too. She was very close to all of her grandchildren. And I loved her too. She is a beautiful lady, full of spirit & joy. Fun to be around. Full of love & spunk. ;) 

RIP Doris Venable. You are missed!
03.12.1931 - 11.14.2011

I know this is a funny pic to post, given the circumstances... but i love this picture! She loved her husband, and he went to be with Jesus many years ago. They are together again, in heaven! 

 Us with Granny on her birthday - March 12, 2010.

Granny on her 80th birthday - March 12, 2011.

We love you, Granny. You are missed already!

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