Saturday, November 19, 2011

This week.

I am finding myself in the mood to blog, with not much to say! Hmm. 

This week went fine. As most of you know, Brad's Granny died on Monday. We knew it was coming, as she was sent home from the hospital 4 weeks ago when Hospice stepped in. She finally took her last breath & I am very happy for her... that she is now rejoicing with Jesus, completely healed & whole!

I miss her, though. And i know her family misses her. Bad.

Honestly, it doesn't really seem real that she is not actually here anymore. That she won't actually be at our thanksgiving dinner. Or Christmas. It just doesn't seem real.

The wake was Wednesday night & the funeral was Thursday. I think this was the first one I've been to at Greenoaks Funeral Home, here in Baton Rouge. There is another one nearby & it's a great one too, but I was so impressed with the staff at Greenoaks & how they handled everything. They had a private room for family with food & they were just very kind. I loved the atmosphere too.
It was so good seeing family & spending so much time with them. Brad played Amazing Grace & Granny's favorite, It Is Well, on the piano during the service. Beautiful. 

Afterwards, we went to Brad's Aunt Paula's house where there was tons of food! It felt a little bit like an early Thanksgiving!

We were exhausted when we got home, but the next day, I felt like a weight had been lifted. A very heavy weight. I have been stressed & overwhelmed with too many things going on at once. Loved one dying, sister's wedding, job hunting & another thing that is personal. That is a lot to go through at once! So now I can kind of breathe a little bit. Ahhhh. Maybe it's time to redeem that massage I bought awhile back off of groupon. ;) 

So I am still in the job hunt & that other thing, but it feels more manageable, you know? By the way... I have been awful lately at my insulin resistance diet... & exercise... i have not been keeping up with either very well. Gotta get back to that now!

I had an interview yesterday with a company i REALLY want to work for. I knew i would, but after being there & getting a tour & seeing what would be my office & meeting so many people there... um, yeah. I REALLY want this job! It pays more than i made before & i would get great benefits as well. Please oh please oh please! I should hear something on Monday. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I am bringing a sweet potato casserole to church. Hopefully it'll be good as I've never made one before! We're having a church thanksgiving dinner tomorrow after the service. 

And this week is Thanksgiving! Crazy how time flies! Not sure what we're doing yet... but I bought the stuff to make Green Bean Casserole & these rolo cookies!

Not much going on this weekend. Just relaxation & working at the manship. Worked last night for 5 1/2 hours & will work again tonight. I have been waking up with a terrible sore throat these last couple of days, though. And so congested. Sneezy, coughy, sore throat? Ugh! I hope this doesn't last long...

Wow. Most boring blog post ever? Sorry 'bout that! ;)


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