Friday, November 25, 2011

to the dark side...

Um. I just got an iPhone 4s. 


I am so excited, I think I might die. 

For so long, I was totally content without one. But then i started looking over the shoulder of people who had one. And liking what I saw. And seeing their really good pictures taken with a cell phone, of all things. And watching videos. And all those cool apps (some of which will be a huge help to me!). And on & on & on. The sleek form. The pretty screen. It was calling to me, people!

Tonight, I succumbed. After days & days of thinking about which one to get, looking at our finances, and talking to Brad. We averaged how much I am spending on my tracfone (which is a pay-as-you-go thing) and as it turns out I am spending more on that then i will per month with my new iPhone. So that makes it a little easier to justify. ;) As for the price of the actual phone, well, i waited till after midnight for a Black Friday sale, and they offered me free shipping! Brad paid, saying it is my congratulations present for getting a new job. So sweet! I think he is just relieved we now have my income back (& I will be making more!).

I almost got an Android instead. Consumer Reports sings its praises. But my current issue hadn't yet tested the 4s. I was pretty sold on a couple of Android models, all of which were highly recommended by Consumer Reports. And i believe in Consumer Reports! But, like I said... they hadn't tested the iPhone 4s yet. Apparently Apple has made lots of great changes.

I got online tonight & watched video after video of comparisons. And i just... fell in love... with the iPhone. The main thing i really liked about the android... the talk to text feature? Well, you can do that with the iPhone 4s, too. And maybe you could before, but not as far as I know? Anyway, whatever. Me & Siri will be BFF's. Don't tell me your "should haves", it's too late!

I also went with Sprint, which rated 2nd amongst carriers. Verizon was first, and I was about to go with them, when i realized the monthly note for MORE messaging & data is LESS money (with Sprint). Yeah. I'm so glad I caught that. I am THRILLED to not be going back to AT&T. Because it SUCKS! I hate AT&T! And so does Consumer Reports, apparently.

So... YAY! I am pumped! And I can't believe it!!! 

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