Saturday, November 26, 2011

We may have gone a little overboard on the scarves. :)

We had such a great day today!! 

Despite the fact that me & brad stayed up WAY past our bedtime last night. (It was after 3 am. I have no idea why. INSANE.) We still got up & made it to my parents by 10:00. We headed to Perkins Rowe for breakfast at La Madeline's. We had it outside & it was delish! I had the breakfast sandwich: scrambled egg, bacon & cheddar on a croussaint. It had two ripe red tomato slices on the side... yum! I also had hot tea with lemon & honey. It's good for the throat. And for some reason, I've been loving hot tea lately. I'm normally a coffee person! (Still love my coffee but suddenly have taken a liking to hot tea!) 

After breakfast, dad & Brad went to Office Depot, while mom & i strolled along the shops in Perkins Rowe. We stopped in a Christmas Store & everything was 20% off. I really loved this shiny tree & picked it up! It was just $16, before my discount. It can hang on the door like a wreath or something. I don't have a lot of christmas decor. Anyway, this pic doesn't do it justice. It's so sparkly & fun!

After that we went to Sur La Table & browsed a little while. (Did I mention Perkins Rowe was not crowded at ALL? We assumed it was because everyone was at the mall. Well, that wasn't too bad either! A lot of people but no worse than a typical Saturday. Apparently people in Baton Rouge are much more interested in the LSU Tigers over Black Friday!?) (Also, lots of people did the crazy black friday shopping between 10 pm last night & 2 am this morning... I think they all went home after that to rest up before the game & that is why we got lucky with the crowds!) Wow - just a little tangent there, sorry!

ANYWAY... after Sur La Table, we stopped in Franscesca's. I picked up this cute ornament.

But mom got me two scarves! A fun turquoise one and a red&black one that I LOVE.

I should probably mention this was the actual purpose of the shopping day. I can only wear black to my new job. Black pants, tops & shoes. But I can accessorize with color! I noticed at my interview that a couple of girls had on their black with a colorful scarf & it looked super cute. I have never worn scarves outside of the kind you wear with a coat when it's cold, but I figure i'll give it a try! And with this guide from Pinterest, surely I'll be able to be slightly fashionable about it! 

So we went to get me some black clothes (since I only had 2 short-sleeve tops & 1 pair of pants that are black) & some scarves to accessorize with! And man! We hit the jackpot with the scarves! And the black clothes, for that matter!

So, yeah. Mom got me two in Franscesca's & one in Charming Charlie's. We met the guys in Barnes & Noble, and then headed to the mall. The guys dropped us off at Macy's & then they went to Lifeway & Best Buy. We racked up! Mom had tons of coupons & the nice checkout girl let us do FOUR separate orders so that we could take advantage of all of our coupons! How sweet is she?! Seriously, she was great. And I got 2 pair of black slacks & several shirts. A couple of basics & a few fun ones. YAY! See all the black in my closet now?!

I actually had to clean out my closet in order to make room for the new. See?

That is something I have been meaning to do! And actually, that is only my side of the closet. I need to go through Brad's side & my dresser drawers, too! I think I will do that tomorrow! :)

After Macy's, we headed to meet the guys again & passed a kiosk in the mall with the CUTEST scarves I have ever seen. Buy 2 get 1 free. Mom kept telling me to hurry & pick 3, but there were WAY too many too choose from! Finally did, though, and i love what I got!

Here are my new scarves...actually...some old, some new & some borrowed (a couple blue...um...anyway).

 Seriously?! I love these! The red/black one is an "infinity" scarf (I didn't know either... I had to look it up.) It's from Francesca's. The royal blue has some black in it. That, the aqua stripe & the purple/black tiger stripe are from that kiosk in the mall! LOVE! The pink is from Charming Charlie's.

 The turquoise one is my other one from Franscesca's. The stripe is one I already had that I love! The other two are mom's that she is giving to me. :)


 I love these!!

You can see the design on the blue one a little better here.

How fun is that?! Now I would like some fun earrings... Maybe for Christmas!

Had a great time shopping today! Can you tell!? (Shopping is not even my favorite thing. But today just worked!) We met the guys in the food court after that for some lunch & then headed home! A SUCCESS!


Oooh, and GEAUX TIGERS! :)

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