Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Y'all! It has been crazy! Crazy & fun. Crazy in a good way. All is well. :) 

Let's see. Saturday was lazy day. We did NOTHING. NO. THING. Except I watched Grey's Anatomy all day long & Brad watched The X-Files all day long. (Both in the living room on opposite couches with Netflix streaming on each of our laptops with earphones in our ears! Yes, we are such an exciting fun couple!) Gosh, that was a LOT of prepositional phrases! Woah! 

I don't watch TV. Except I do. I love that i got so out of the habit of watching TV that I didn't care, so it is sad now to say i watched Grey's all day. Not because I think it is wrong to watch one show occasionally! But just because i like that i am not a TV watcher. I used to be a TV JUNKIE! Anyway... apparently i got bored during my break from working & I wanted to watch something & randomly picked Grey's. And THEN, this weekend, i got to cramming it in as much as possible, because i know once I start work, I won't be able to watch much at all!
To all you Grey's fans, I just started Season 6! Season 5 was KILLER! Crazy! Insane! And i was HEARTBROKEN that they killed O'Malley! One of my favorite characters (sorry for the spoiler alert, but I AM 2 or 3 seasons behind!). It's a tear jerker. I like comedy. Such as The Big Bang Theory! Still waiting on some dvd's to come out on that one since we got all caught up from what was on Netflix already. But man. This tear jerker is pretty good! 

I did not mean to write about TV all day. I mean, really. 


And i am going to LOVE IT!

I say "going to" because I haven't really started yet. I went yesterday & today only, but that was just to sit in on their new student's orientation. For those just tuning in, I got a job at Aveda Institute, a cosmetology school. I will be working in student services. I'll be handling the student's hours, grades, and lots of other stuff. I keep realizing that this job is the PERFECT fit for me. I had no idea it'd remind me so much of stage managing, but it does. Not the PLAY aspect, of course, but just... stage managers handle all the paperwork. Stage managers are the point of contact. Stage managers have to be firm with their cast & make them do things right! This is all stuff I will have to do! Lots of paperwork (& i like paperwork. I'm a nerd.), meetings with students regarding their report cards, etc. I think i am going to really like it. 

The orientation has been long, but good. I have learned a lot about hair & skin care! Haha! It's been fun!

I also found out we get the ENTIRE WEEK OFF for Christmas! WHAT?! I can't believe it. PAID!!!

My health insurance will start 1/1/12, which is what i was hoping for.

So far, i like everyone I've met. Of the staff. There are some students that I know are going to get on my nerves, but that's all a part of stage management! (The new cosmetology students are like my cast in the theater. They're about the same age as a lot of the actors, too.)

What else is new? Well, I'm off tomorrow to get ready for Pennsylvania. I also have tons of errands to run & want to get this house cleaned up! (I did manage to decorate for Christmas though!) On Thursday I'm off as well. Brad is going to get off work at 2:30 & come home & take me to the airport. My flight doesn't leave until after 5. I have one layover & then will arrive in Pennsylvania late that evening. I am going to see LAURA!!!!! And her (our) friends!

I can't wait! And I can't believe it, either!!!

Oooh! I also got an iPhone. And so far? I LOVE IT. It's amazing! YAY!

Talk to y'all later!!! Hope your week is going great!

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