Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning, we woke up & exchanged gifts, just the two of us. Now, some of you amaze me with your posts of all the cool things you got for your husband... & vice versa. But Brad only wants one thing for Christmas: MONEY. He also likes gift cards to electronic or book or music stores. That's it. To get him anything else is just not going to be what he WANTS. So yes. It is boring that all I got him was a $50 gift card to Amazon. Boring for ME, the gift giver (& i have always LOVED finding an actual gift for somebody...that perfect gift I know they'll just love!). Not boring for him. He loves his gift cards. Of course, I had to actually wrap it & fill the bag with peanut butter snickers & Recees Christmas Trees....that is about all i can do to make his presents more exciting (again, exciting for me. He really wouldn't care if i didn't wrap it at all!). We don't do stockings either. Tried that our first Christmas, and let's just say... our ideas of how you fill a stocking? They're not the same. ;)

I will have fun buying gifts & filling stockings when we have children!

ANYWAY, he got me the photo editing program I have been wanting. Yay!

I was pretty excited. And will be more & more as I figure out how to do everything.

Later, we headed to Brad's Aunt Paula's house to celebrate with his dad's side of the family. We had a wonderful time, as usual! Picture overload!
 Megan & Clay. They are expecting a baby in June! 

 Jaimie & Kiersten

 Jessica & Rylee

 Sisters Leah & Shelly

 Daddy & daughter - Scott & Maddie

Baby Cayde with his Aunt Whitney!

 Whitney's friend got her sock monkey footed pajamas! Ha! So cute! She kinda matched with Cayde!

 See? Cute!

 Whitney & Cayde

 Cousins Hollyn & Colton

 She's so cute!

 Me & my love!

Aunt Paula & Baby Cayde (her grandbaby)

I got a turn with baby Cayde too! He's such a sweet easygoing little boy!

Somebody got Just Dance 3 for their Wii & we played that. EVERYONE did it, two at a time! Including the 60-something crowd! The guys didn't join in, though... though we begged! It would have been hysterical! We had SO MUCH FUN! And now I kind of wouldn't mind having a wii. It was a workout!

 Whitney & Jaimie

 Kiersten & Rylee (with Hayden watching)

 Aunt Paula & Aunt KK

 Aunt Bridget & Mrs Cheryl (my mother-in-law)

Me & Meg!

This was all MUCH funnier in person... we were cracking up the whole time. Ahhhh...good times!


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