Saturday, December 17, 2011

Church Ladies Christmas Party

I was so excited to go to the ladies Christmas party at church this past Tuesday. I was absolutely exhausted, but made myself go anyway, because I have yet to do anything with the ladies of the church & really have wanted to! There are so many around my age who have started going there since I stopped going there 5+ years ago & I want to get to know them. :) 

These pics are not the best, as I was attempting manual & couldn't get my settings right. Oh-well!

I had a great time! They started off with a little praise & worship. Then this lady that i ADORE, Mrs. Kathy, talked for a few minutes & she was hilarious! We half-joke about her going on tour, because seriously - she is hysterical! After that, Jennifer, who pastors our youth group with her husband, spoke about the organization she started with her husband Kirby & her brother Ben. It's called Operation 2020 & it is SUCH a fantastic cause! I am so proud of them! Here is an article about it if you want to know more.

After that, we ate cake, drank hot chocolate & made Christmas cards for some nursing home residents nearby. We had a great time!

 Katelyn, Rachel, Jennifer & Madilyn

 The yummy cake Melissa made for the party - it turned out so cute & it was DELICIOUS!

 Melanie & Melissa (the girl who made the cake!) - serving it up!

 Crafty ladies!

 One lady donated lots of her scrapbooking stuff!

 Making Christmas cards!

 Mrs. Carolyn, Mrs. Dory & Dr. Karen. Love these ladies!

TOTAL sweethearts!

We had a great time! At the end, Jennifer (a different one) spoke about Jesus & she made me cry! She talked like she was having coffee with each of us, one on one, and it was awesome. 

Had a great time! Looking forward to January 10th - going to join them for a Ladies Night Out! :)

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