Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Girl's night - Pennsylvania style

As I mentioned before, the first major thing on the agenda once I got to Laura's was a girl's night with a bunch of her friends. It was Friday night & we had SO MUCH fun! She had told friends to bring games. Kim didn't really have any good games to bring, but she saw some silly glasses at the store on her way over. She picked them up. And boy, were they a HIT! We got some HILARIOUS pictures & had SO MUCH FUN. Haha! Just wanted to share some of them.

See what I mean?

I love this shot of Kim. She's hilarious!

Laura & Jenn - this one cracks me up!

IMG_9024 1
Amy, Kim & Rainey

We played Catch Phrase & Apples to Apples also. Good times. Actually, HILARIOUS times. We laughed our booties off. I can look at the pictures over & over, and they still crack me up!

We took some group shots, too.

IMG_9094 1

I guess I can show you what they really look like!

IMG_9080 1
You can tell some of us are still laughing... 

It was so fun getting to know some of Laura's friends! 

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