Friday, December 2, 2011

Good times in Pennsylvania!

So, here I am in Pennsylvania. Met my long-time blog friend, Laura, for the first time in our 6 year friendship! And can I tell ya? I LOVE HER! She is exactly like I thought she would be! And hoped, after people tried to convince me that there is no way you can really know somebody you met online. Not true, people! It's possible! :)

It has been wonderful being here. Getting to know someone you've talked to for so long through email & blogging...finally getting to be with them IN PERSON...is just FANTASTIC. And, I also thought it would feel surreal, but it kind of doesn't. It kinda just feels...NORMAL. Like I hang out with Laura all the time. 

I met Kim & Rainey, too. I read both their blogs & they read mine. I was looking forward to meeting them. Kim came with Laura to pick me up at the airport. I am sure we caused a small scene when i saw them, Laura & I hugged pretty enthusiastically, and Kim snapped pictures! Haha! It was awesome.
 in person! FINALLY! 

How is Pennsylvania, you ask? It's very nice here. They have these things called HILLS...which you don't see much of in Louisiana. It's also COLD. Brrr! 

I met Laura's family...her kids are adorable & her hubby is nice & funny. It is true that it is going to be REALLY hard for me not to take one of her kids home with me.

This morning I went to her MOPS group... I was allowed, even though I'm not a Mop (mothers of preschoolers). Laura, who takes amazing pictures, did a little photography workshop with us.  I had a great time with that group. They were all very, very nice. Tonight, we had a girl's night at Laura's house! The kids & Mike were at his mom's. We had SO MUCH FUN! A BLAST, i tell ya!! There is this laugh I do when i find something particularly hysterical, and when that happens, there is usually no stopping me. Some of you know exactly the laugh I mean. Where I'm crying & cannot regain control. Well, that happened tonight. i am pretty sure I burned lots of calories! 

We played Apples to Apples & Catch Phrase. It was a Salad Party, which was a great idea...everyone brought a different salad. It was great because there was chicken salad, tuna salad, a broccoli cauliflower salad (which i LOVED), a pasta salad, a green salad... you get the idea. All was delicious!

I look forward to the Book Club Christmas Party tomorrow. I am tagging along with Laura. Three of the girls who were here tonight will be there. Yay!

Yep. Having a great time. I am taking lots of pics & will post them soon-ish.


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